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Cali Swag District created a great deal of internet buzz with their trend-setting single “Teach Me How to Dougie“. Together, these boys from the West Coast captured the mood of the street with the infectious beat and became talk of the town for their success, but much too soon the celebration turned into a grief. Tragically, on May 15 this year the group’s dancer, Montae “M-Bone” Talbert, was shot and killed.

The Inglewood rappers, comprised of Corey “C-Smoove” Fawler,
Chante “Yung” Glee and Cahron “JayAre” Childs
, have stormed the rap scene with their unique production and high-energy stage shows. Nominated for Best Group at the 2011 BET Music Awards, Cali Swag District exploded onto the music scene with “Teach Me How To Dougie.” The song catapulted a Dougie dance sensation that has swept the nation captivating American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez while the first lady Michelle Obama did her own version during her “Let’s Move!” initiative. Cali Swag District turned the song and dance into a pop culture phenomenon with everyone including Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, CNN ‘Situation Room’ host Wolf Blitzer, Wendy Williams, the cast on Glee, Oliver Stone, Mo’Nique, Chris Brown and Kim Kardashian getting their Dougie on. Altogether the Dougie movement has taken over YouTube with over 100 million video streams.

Cali Swag District will released ‘The Kickback’ on July 12 via Sphinx Music Entertainment/319 Music Group.

Recently the group spoke to for our Interview Series and talked about their debut album, how loosing M-Bone changed them, their influences, how ‘Teach Me How to Dougie‘ became part of Hip-Hop history and more!

———————————————– Why should people go out and buy “The Kickback”?
Cali Swag District: People should go out and by “The Kickback” because it’s something that will change a lot of people thoughts about us. There’s music on the album for every one, meaning it’s real diverse, and all around dope. “Still Aint No Fun” with TyDollaSign & Smitty Boy & is getting alot of buzz. You guys don’t have many collaborations on the album, how do you guys decide who want to work with?
Cali Swag District: We really just go based off the sound and the feel of the song. If we feel as if some one will sound good on the song we always reach out. Usually we’re all in the studio together just vibing and it just works. When will fans see the video for “Burn Out (Drive Fast)”?
Cali Swag District: Not to sure on the actual date but fans should expect to see the video in a few weeks. What was the best part about recording this album?
Cali Swag District: The best part about recording this album was the process, and doing it with the people we love, and to see the out come is amazing. “I Don’t Need Your Money” reminds me of an old NWA track, who are some of you guys influences?
Cali Swag District: That’s dope thanks! Because we’re from the west coast there is a west coast influence on the way we deliver our songs, but some of our major influences are people such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, E-40, Lil Wayne, and Drake just to name a few, for the simple fact that they know how to take care of business, and their work ethic is crazy. How has the death of M-Bone effected the energy of the group thus far & how has it changed you guys individually?
Cali Swag District: The death of our brother M-Bone changed everything for us. It really hurts and it almost made us give up on music. But instead of giving up, it made us stronger, made us want to work harder, and brought us closer together! “Teach Me How to Dougie” is apart of hip-hop culture now, when you guys recorded it did you ever think it would become as big as it has?
Cali Swag District: We honestly recorded the song for fun, never thought about the song becoming as big as it did. When we saw the reaction we got from it, we started to push it and hoped for the best. The rest is hip hop history. What goals do you guys have moving forward for Cali Swag District?
Cali Swag District: Eventually working towards a second album, and hopefully you’ll see us in a few movies and commercials. When can fans expect to see you guys out on the road?
Cali Swag District: We’re on the road now doing a lot of performances, interviews, autograph signings etc. to promote the album, so hopefully everyone will see us soon. Any last words for your fans?
Cali Swag District: Thanks for having our backs, we love yall, and go grab the album…you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

[Cali Swag District – “Burn Out (Drive Fast)”]


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