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Christian Keyes was born in Detroit, MI. He’s a humble, hardworking and driven young man. An experienced actor and singer, he was labeled by Tyler Perry as “One of the most consistent male actors I’ve worked with”. Christian has performed live in front of more than 3 million people while touring with several national stage plays. He was the lead in Tyler Perry’s “What’s Done In The Dark.” You may also recognize him from Keri Hilson‘s debut video “Energy” as her leading man and many TV show appearances.

Day By Day”, was Christian’s debut CD and he wrote 12 of the 13 songs. The Fahrenheit Music Group is Christian’s label. He followed that release with “Personal” and is currently finishing his up-coming release.

Christian recently spoke to Tishelle of about all of his up-coming projects including “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs,” joining the cast of the up-coming season of BET‘s “Let’s Stay Together,” his up-coming album, his musical influences, being a Father and much more!

—————————– Tell me about “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs” and why you wanted to be apart of this film?
Christian Keyes: This is actually a film that I helped out on. It started with “Perfect Combination”, it was a great concept and it was just something that needed to be heard, that Lord, all men can’t be dogs! The cast includes Vivica A. Fox, Elise Neal, Johnny Gill to name a few, how was your experience of working with the cast?
Christian Keyes: The cast was amazing to work with. Of course you have Vivica, and that says enough for itself. Johnny Gill, Elise Neal, who I worked with previously. It was just an overall great cast! Why should people go out and buy this film on June 14th?
Christian Keyes: Because they’ll love it! They’ll laugh, they’ll cry. The feedback so far has been phenomenal. I’ve been hearing great things so they’ll enjoy it. Tell me about your upcoming film “Dysfunctional Friends” being released later this year?
Christian Keyes: Awesome cast! Stacey Dash, Tatyana Ali, Regina Gomez, Persia White, Hosea Chanchez from The Game, Vanessa Simmons, Wesley Johnson, Carroll Owens, just to name a few. It was lots of fun to make, & I got to play a character named “Styles”, who was a model that’s extremely big headed & full of himself, so I got to make fun of myself a little bit. But it was really fun, I got to step outside of Christian playing that role. Any other up-coming film projects you want to tell us about?
Christian Keyes: Yes, “We Are Family”, starring Monique Cole, Chyna Layne, Omarosa and a lot of others. It’s by far one of my favorite projects I’ve done. I can’t wait for everyone to be able to check it out. Also, “The Bachelor Party,” starring Ginuwine, Essence Atkins, & a few others. It comes to DVD in September. It’s another stage play, I like this one because its raw & real. Then I just got added to the second season of BET’s “Let’s Stay Together.” It’s an amazing show, I felt that way even before BET picked me up. We’ll start shooting in July, so I’m really excited about that. Let’s talk music, you’re currently working on your third CD, what direction can fans expect this time around when it comes to your music and sound?
Christian Keyes: Soulful, R&B, kinda “Bluesy”, even a little Inspirational, but definitely you’ll see my growth, as a man. Some of the things I’ve experienced & gone through. I actually just finished my video for the single “I’m Alright”. It’s kind of like the 2012 “I Believe I Can Fly”, maybe not as good, but hopefully. It’s really uplifting & I can’t wait for it to get out there. We’ll definitely be sending you guys a first look once editing is complete, here in the next few weeks. For Black Music Month: What are your three essential albums you have to always have with you in your ipod?
Christian Keyes: My 9 year old son actually just bought me the new Michael Jackson, but I had to buy him one cause he keeps borrowing mine. Stevie, gotta have some Stevie Wonder in there… Can I get 4?…. Prince, new & old. I just checked out one of his shows recently and I was blown away. Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. He’s amazing, gotta support him regardless. And lastly Luther. Gotta have some Luther Vandorss. I’m kinda all over the place, I know. But that’s who I’m going with. Who are some of your musical influences?
Christian Keyes: Well definitely, Mike, Stevie, Prince, & Luther… Also, Brian McKnight, Babyface. Outside of acting and music, are you working on any other projects?
Christian Keyes: Being a dad. I’m blessed to be busy & have a lot going on, but aside from all that, well ahead of all that, being a father comes first. Happy early Father’s Day!
Christian Keyes: Thank You! Any last words for your fans?
Christian Keyes: Just be on the lookout for everything coming your way. There’s some great things happening. Follow me on Twitter, @ChristianKeyes, that’s K-e-y-e-s, not Keys!

  1. Continued to be BLESSED you fine man. He is even more humbled because of the his love for god. YUMMY! Good man and great FATHER.

  2. I don’t want to say I’m a fan but I am very impressed with everything that christian keyes represents. I love the fact that he is a devoted father and that he is a god fearing man all I can say is that I would love for my future husband to be a duplicate of christian keyes in every way!!!!!!

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