UB Blog: ‘Brandy & Ray J A Family Business’

Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, has taken over Sunday nights on VH1. The second episode aired on Sunday, and viewers saw a different side of Ray-J. He no longer wants to be seen as the “dating show guy looking for love,” however he wants to be recognized for his music, his business ventures, and as a family man. On the first episode, we see the development of Ray J and Brandy’s new business “RnB Productions”. They are both becoming more mature and want to venture into the business aspect of the industry, after being involved in the music business for many years. In the show, we are introduced to Brandy’s alter-ego “Bran’Nu” who happens to rap, and she shows her interest in exploring further what she can do with rapping.

On the second episode, Brandy draws attention to her new interest Flo-Rida. After dodging the question about whether her and Flo-Rida were dating on a radio show, she contemplates about what level she wants to take things with him. In the first episode, Flo asks her to accompany him to the Grammy’s, and because the Grammy was too extreme of a step for them to take, he backs out and uninvited her. This hits her hard, and she juggles whether or not she wants to move further with Flo-Rida.

While Brandy is trying to sort out her love life, Ray-J does the same. After his hit show “For The Love of Ray J,” many have questioned what transpired between him and the winner of the second season Mz. Berry. On the show, there is footage from the reunion show that aired about two months ago on VH1, and viewers get to see what happened backstage. Mz. Berry expresses her intense feelings for him, while he cannot fathom to tell her how he is not ready to settle down. Ray J instead gives her a phone call after the reunion to apologize for not giving her a straight answer on where he wanted things to go with her, and tells her that he is not ready to be with her. After this reunion, he finally puts his days of “For The Love Of Ray J” behind him so that he can move on and focus his attention on his business and his career. “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business” gives viewers the opportunity to see another side of Brandy and Ray J since we have seen them grow up in the industry from a very young age. Watch VH1 on Sundays at 9:00 pm! – Amaiya (UBGteam)

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Episode. 102, Singled Out!

Troubled romances complicate the house of the Norwoods. Watch as Ray J prepares for the “For the Love of Ray J 2” reunion!

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