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    UB Contest: Win “Shaquille O’Neal Presents All Star Comedy Jam: Las Vegas”

    July 1st, 2014


    Win A Copy of “Shaquille O’Neal Presents All Star Comedy Jam: Las Vegas”
    (1) Winners Will Be selected randomly to win.

    Now available in stores now and via iTunes.

    Contest ends on July 6th.

    Contest Open to US Residents Only!
    **Type “Comedy Jam” In the subject line; include mailing address in message**

    Comedy and film star Mike Epps, known for his roles in The Hangover and
    Friday franchises, takes center stage as the host of the newest installment in
    Shaquille O’ Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam franchise. Epps called on some of stand-up
    comedy’s freshest talent to help him bring down the house: Lil’ Rel, Henry Welch,
    Deon Cole and DeRay Davis. This hilarious lineup delivers nonstop laughs in this
    high-energy night of comedy. All Star Comedy Jam — Live from Las Vegas was filmed
    in front of a live audience at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las

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    UB Reviews: Techy Youth Will Enjoy “Earth to Echo”

    July 1st, 2014


    “Earth to Echo”
    Relativity Media
    In Theaters: July 2

    Teo Halm – Alex
    Brian “Astro” Bradley – Tuck
    Reese Hartwig – Munch
    Ella Wahlestedt – Emma


    Word to the wise: Make sure there aren’t any millennials around if you catch yourself talking up Earth to Echo as being another E.T., The Goonies or Stand By Me because that it is not. On a scale of one to 10, it’s not even a Super 8, the 2011 Steven Spielberg-backed film that somewhat came close to capturing the magic of those coming-of-age ’80s classics. This isn’t even in the vicinity.

    The nostalgia for the movies that defined our childhood gets lost in technology in the sci-fi adventure (director David Green and screenwriter Henry Gayden’s first feature) thanks to the shot-by-kids-for-kids-style of storytelling.

    As one can expect from a movie catering to the “if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen” generation, it’s very fast-paced (and a bit too shaky at times), which doesn’t allow for much character development or epic plot building.

    That said, Earth to Echo is a fun enough distraction for families to pencil in for Fourth of July weekend. In a nutshell, it’s about inseparable pals Alex (Teo Halm), Tuck (Brian “Astro” Bradley of X-Factor fame) and Munch (Reese Hartwig), who embark on a scavenger hunt after receiving strange signals on their smartphones days before their neighborhood becomes the casualty of a supposed highway construction project. They quickly uncover a baby owl-looking alien (really?!), which they name Echo because it mimics sounds the trio of teens make on top of being able to participate in a game of Yes or No to give them clues about how to help the extraterrestrial cutie get back home. The wild ride is “filmed” by Tuck, who naturally has his own YouTube channel.

    There are moments of overacting from Halm and Bradley, and the female character (Emma played by Ella Wahlestedt) seemed totally unnecessary. But Hartwig shines in his role as the overly cautious eccentric. Whereas he was a nervous wreck upon encountering Echo, he later boldly and hilariously jumps into the back of a truck (very ninja-like!) belonging to personnel who takes their little friend away. Hartwig is also the source of another memorable, funny scene: the prepubescent kid, who admittedly sounds like a girl on the phone, is tasked with pretending to be his mom and reassuring the other parents that he and the boys are sleeping over whomever’s house so that they can continue on with their last hurrah before they’re forced to move away from each other.

    Overall, Earth to Echo won’t blow you away, but today’s techy youth will enjoy it, and parents can look forward to a few hearty, wholesome laughs in the AC.

    – Danielle Datu ( Writer/Reporter)

    Check out our UB Interview with the films star Astro!


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    New Music: George Tandy, Jr. – “Jaded”

    July 1st, 2014


    George Tandy Jr‘s debut radio release “March” ranked #3 on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart.

    George Tandy Jr. creates brilliant music that is rich with honesty, vulnerability and raw emotion. He is not your typical church singing choir boy or even a classically trained vocalist or pianist, but his messages are conveyed clearly and powerfully. Fans often refer to his voice as hypnotizing and pure. Each piece of music creates an inner journey to a time and place that is unique to the listener. Whether it is about sex, relationships, or worldly affairs you will feel every moment in the song. You can call it R&B, Folk Music or even call it Jazz. Some call it Soul with a hint of Hip Hop and note his Classical music influences. No matter what you call it, you are correct every time. George personally prefers to call his music “Soulternative.” Regardless of genre, his sound is certainly unique and George is determined to gain fans, supporters, as well as, new friends, one song at a time. He believes that music heals people. Soon people all across the world will be proudly stating, “I am TeamTandy!” once they get a taste.

    George Tandy Jr. simply comes alive on stage! He creates songs with a witty and introspective mind, and performs them with an electrifying charm that absolutely takes over any venue! Born into a family of artists, music lovers and entertainers George developed a passion for entertaining. Sounds have always intrigued him. As a child you could find George listening intensely to any genre of music, attempting to pick out every instrument in the song. He was inspired early on by his father, George Tandy Sr., a well accomplished jazz musician and producer. Thru the years George have developed the tools and confidence he needed to realize his dreams by cultivating his writing skills, his ear for melody, and his natural ability to entertain. After years of writing and recording songs with his extremely talented siblings as well as training, performing, competing, and touring the world as a hip hop dancer, GTJ decided to venture out as a solo artist. Armed with only his voice and his keyboard he took to the stage. The south Florida spoken word poetry nights and “open mic” scene gained him thousands of dedicated supporters.

    George Tandy, Jr. has combined his talent with an independent label, RedStar Entertainment (A Division of Redline Media Group).

    With the right team now in place the sky is the limit! Checkout his lead single “Jaded” from his first solo project entitled, “The Foundation.”

    [Download from iTunes!]


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    UB Interview: Astro Talks “Earth to Echo,” New EP & More

    June 30th, 2014


    BrianAstroBradley: the nimble MC became the first rapper to crack the top 10 of a mainstream music competition, Simon Cowell’s “X Factor.” Powered by his enthusiastic followers, dubbed “The Astronauts,” Astro captivated viewers at home with his mix of bravado, charisma and skill.

    The 15-year-old lyricist made his mark on the show when he unleashed his original breakout viral hit, “Stop Looking At My Mom,” (over 500,000 views on YouTube) which, unbeknownst to Cowell, included an introduction that could make Ashton Kutchter proud. Astro, eventually finished seventh and became a fan-favorite for his unconventional approach to the competition

    Despite his youth, Astro has notched with a number of accolades already in his career, notably being tapped by The Source as an esteemed “Unsigned Hype” pick in the lauded hip-hop magazine’s December 2010 issue. He’s made television appearances on BET’s “106 & Park,” MTV and the “Wendy Williams Show.” His underground roots include a number of popular mixtapes, including the “Yes, I Write My Own Rhymes” series, which began when he was just 10-years-old. And he’s also earned his first BET Award nomination for the “Young Stars” category in 2012.

    Now breaking out into acting, Astro talked to Aries from about his first movie role in the new film “Earth to Echo,” his upcoming EP, Black Music Month, X-Factor regrets and much more!

    —————- How did you get involved in this film Earth to Echo?
    Astro: My agent sent over the script, I read it and thought it was a cool script. I filmed myself in the living room and we sent it out there. They liked me and flew me out to California for me to audition for the director and producers. So I auditioned for them and was offered the part. What was it about the script that made you want to be apart of the film?
    Astro: It just seemed real fun and not too complicated. Not as far as the lines, but as far as the concept. So many movies today that are so smart, they’re stupid you know what I’m saying. It be too much going on, but this movie seemed real fun and different. What’s crazy is I didn’t even read the whole script ever, I just read certain scenes I had to do. It just seemed real relaxed and laid back and playful. I really enjoyed the film. From your point of view tell everybody what it’s about?
    Astro: I think it’s about friendship, of course there is Echo the Alien and he’s a big part of the film but he plays a huge part in bringing these group of kids together. It’s about coming together with your best-friends or loved ones and achieving something great! Once you stick together, you can do anything. These kids wasn’t the coolest kids in town, they go out to the desert at night and have their ups and downs but Echo keeps them all together. You come off as a natural in the movie, not knowing it was your first role I would of thought you had did this before. How did you prepare for playing Tuck?
    Astro: I didn’t prepare and that’s the problem, but it worked in this film. Like you said with this film when you see me it seems very natural. That’s because it was natural, like there are certain lines in the film that I said, that were not in the script. They just kept recording and kept it in the film. But yeah I didn’t really prepare man, at all. I should of prepared, it may have been better but I think it worked. I just had fun. Tell everybody why they should go out and see the film when it opens?
    Astro: Go and see Earth to Echo when it opens because it’s different, there is nothing else like it right now. For that older generation it will bring back that feeling of like E.T. and The Goonies, like the classics! For the younger generation, it’s easier to relate to because of all of the technology. It’s really a dope film, it’s directed by Dave Green. He does an amazing job. It’s produced by Robbie Brenner. I think people should go and support it. We all know you from X-Factor, is there anything about that experience you would change?
    Astro: No, it was alright. I probably wouldn’t of done it. But that’s the thing about X-Factor, I wish I didn’t do it, but I’m glad I did it. It brought a lot of different opportunities and I probably wouldn’t be here without it. But I don’t know man, it’s so old and in the past now to me that I don’t even like talking about it. I liked how you would flip songs on X, which makes me look forward to the new music. When can fans expect that?
    Astro: I’m doing an EP. Not an album right now, I gotta wait because as long as people still mention X-Factor because that’s where they know me from…I can’t do an album. The music now is totally different and I gotta make sure people are in-tuned to what’s going on right now. But the EP I’m working on right now it called Computer Error, the title might change. That should be coming out real soon. With it being Black Music Month, who are some artists who have inspired you as an artist?
    Astro: NAS, B.I.G., Jay-Z, Pac, Wu-Tang, Snoop and myself. What’s next for you, with the movie and EP on the way?
    Astro: Yeah the EP should be coming soon. I’ve done a lot of features, I’ve been recording a lot this year. On the acting tip A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson comes out in September. Then Red Band Society is a movie I’m about to start shooting soon.


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    “Think Like A Man Too” Cast Dishes on The #1 Film in The Country

    June 27th, 2014


    Last Friday “Think Like A Man Too” opened in theaters and by the end of the weekend the film took the #1 spot, ranking in $30 million. attended the L.A. press junket recently in support of the film with the cast as they spoke about the film.

    Check out some quotes from the cast and make sure if you haven’t already you check the film out this weekend or if you have already…check it out again!


    Why a sequel?
    Romany Malco: I feel like [Will Packer] tapped into a new audience with [his] style of movies where they actually want more. Rather than leave them hanging, why don’t we just give them more of what they want.


    Terrance Jenkins thoughts on his incredible career from 106 to E! to this franchise…
    It’s an incredible feeling. I admire everybody here first of all professionally. To get to work with some of the best actors and comedians on the top of their game and craft and to get to learn from them. The best part is I’m the least experienced and I have these guys as acting coaches, I can pull them to the side and say hey let’s spend a little extra time working on this scene and we can go over notes. It’s just a really collaborative process, I’m around a lot of guys that I really feel safe and comfortable around and I trust them.


    How was the cameos decided for the film?
    Kevin Hart: The cameos came from us wanting to have surprise factors in the film. You know what you’re getting from the cast with it being such a large group. Like George Wallace, it’s just added bonuses. George Wallace is legendary, I mean he is Vegas! You’re looking at Mr. Vegas right now from a comedian stand point, he’s been there for like maybe 15 years. So we were lucky to get him and he added so much to that scene that Tim had on paper and Tim elevated it even more that it almost became like a western moment of Black Jack with me and the dealer. .


    What was it like participating in the bar brawl?
    Meagan Good: I thought it was a chance to show a different side of Mya because I think obviously there are so many aspect of her personality. Mya is like myself where she attempts to be so sweet that when she has an opportunity to let off steam it could go really left field. She was aggravated with Zeke and really doesn’t know what the relationship is but she loves this guy and when this thing breaks out she has all this build up anxiety and frustration. She does take it out on a male stripper but she’s protecting her man.


    Lala: As Mya’s best friend we all know when your friend goes to war, you go to war too. You don’t ask any questions, you ask questions later. So once I saw her go it was only right for me to follow behind.


    How did you guys survive the scenes with Jennifer Lewis, being she’s such a huge personality?
    Taraji P. Henson: She called me a whore and a bitch, that’s all I got (all laugh). She has a big personality and some people say I do but I don’t see it.

    Gabrielle Union: We were bitch or whore, but I was pretty bitch so I was okay with that (all laugh).


    Regina Hall: I loved everything about her little statements at the end when she would end everything an ummhmm (laughs). She’s so great.


    Gabrielle do you think you identify with your character more being you’re a soon to be newlywed?
    I know even though he’s playing in the finals, he’s still got time to play Zilla! As much as people think he’s worried about Tony Parker or air-conditioning in San Antonio he’s worried about center pieces and what kind of wine we’re having. So he’s more of the one who’s driving the bus and I’m working on Maryjane.


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    UB Interview: Day 26 Talks “The Return”

    June 27th, 2014


    Yesterday the fans of R&B group Day 26 got what they’ve been wanting for a long time…new music! Not only did the group release a free new EP with 8 new tracks and a 26 page book, the original group with all of the members are now back together.

    In preparation of the new EP, the guys spoke with Aries from about the EP, why they decided to reunite now, what the future holds for the group, if a possible collaboration with the reunited Danity Kane is in the works and much more!

    ——————- Why reunite now, what was it about the timing now to come back together?
    Day 26 (Brian): The question is, why not reunite now (all laugh). I’m just playing, but why reunite now? Because it’s time. There is a huge void that’s missing in R&B and not just R&B but the music game period. I feel like there hasn’t been anything like Day 26, since Day 26. Not to sound cocky or arrogant or anything like that but I feel like God was able to put this group together and he really knew what he was doing. It took us to mature as men and mature as artists to really get that understanding. I feel like this point in time in our lives and careers we finally understand not only what we mean to each other, but what we mean to this music game. So it was time for us to come back now, this won’t be the last that you hear from Day 26. Right now the energy and everything is where it needs to be. The respect level, just everything for this group is in order to maintain and come back and do the things that we need to do is like perfect. This will continue to keep going, this is just the beginning of what Day 26 has to offer. Take the fans through the process on how you guys reunited?
    Day 26 (Rob): I actually made the initial call to bring everybody back together. It was actually easy, as simple as that. Like just a call and the next day we was all working. We initially came back together because we wanted to give our fans something. Because they hadn’t seen us in awhile. So we first started with a tour. But once we got back together, we knew once we got on stage we wanted to give our fans new music too. We didn’t want to come back after 4 or 5 years doing the same old music. We decided to put out a body of music together so when we do hit the stage we’ll have new music to perform for them. So pretty much we went into grind mode. We went in the studio and I don’t think anybody has really slept since we started working on this EP. So that was the process and we’re still working right now getting it together. Explain the The Return EP of Day 26?
    Day 26 (Brian): Growth, you’ll hear what R&B has been missing. We feel like what Day 26 embodied and what we left off on is what R&B has been missing. So hopefully you guys will get what we’re trying to do and where we’re trying to go.

    Day 26 (Rob): Just to add to that, you’re also going to get the true Day 26. Not to say that meaning you didn’t before. Like we really put our own sweat and blood into this EP, from the songs, to the mixing to the writing, to the choreography to much pretty much everything we took into our own hands. We’ve worked with a lot of great producers that we look up to and wanted to work with and it was amazing. But this time you’re going to hear what Day 26 truly is. It’s ours, so it’s our music and our production.

    Day 26 (Brian): We did a lot of stuff that y’all didn’t know that Day 26 was capable of doing from engineering to writing and producing and so forth.

    Day 26 (Mike): We got a book this time too, it’s big y’all real big this time. When can fans expect a new video because fans are waiting to see you guys all back together in that visual form?
    Day 26 (Will): We’re in the process of getting the videos together now. We’re picking the records and getting treatments and things like that. For Bullsh#! and the other records. We have 8, so we’re going to try to put together a small movie that’s going to be real big. So yeah the videos are coming.

    Day 26 (Brian): Y’all getting more than videos, y’all getting the works (laughs). I have to give a big shout out to Will. He came up with a great story-line that put all of the records together for this project. So bigups to Will because this is going to take the visual part of The Return to another level. So I’m really excited about that.

    Day 26 (Will): Most definitely! So it’s going to be more than an album cover and a tracklisting. It comes with a small book that you can’t buy in the store. So that’s exciting for the fans so they can have a soundtrack to the book they just read. What’s the overall goal you guys have for like the next 5 years?
    Day 26 (Rob): I think I can pretty much speak for everybody when I say at this point we’re doing what we are now to really make our mark. To be known like the Boyz II Men’s, The Temptations, The Jackson 5. Our mark will be made, we’ll have our personal place in this industry. A lane that can’t be taken from us, even if someone comes out and does something next level. We want to be the spearhead of real music that’s coming back. R. Kelly to me is like the spearhead solo artist of R&B that where it goes when it changes. I feel like that’s what we want to be for the groups. Groups around the world look up to Day 26 and we just want to step our game up. We pretty much need to be right here, you know what I mean. So to really make our mark that not anybody can really take from us. Being that Danity Kane recently reunited as well, any collaboration plans for the two groups in the works?
    Day 26 (Will): Not as of right now man, we wish them the best with everything that they’re doing. We’re from the same umbrella, so we know what that reunion thing is all about. We haven’t actually discussed it, but that’s always easy you know what I mean. With the EP here, any news about the album and the direction of that?
    Day 26 (Que): We don’t really have a direction yet, we’re still recording other songs and things like that. We don’t really have anything solid with that, we’re just focused on the EP right now, The Return! For anybody not familiar with Day 26, tell them why you’re that group they need to check out?
    Day 26 (Brian): I’ll answer that (laughs). For one, if they haven’t heard of Day 26 obviously you’ve been living under a rock. So let’s get them from under that rock first of all (all laugh). A reason to get to know more about Day 26 honestly and again not trying to sound cocky or arrogant. But I don’t even think Diddy even knew what he was doing when he put this group together. I think this group is something that has never ever, ever been seen by anything ever before. I mean that like vocally…I’m going to go ahead and put my foot in my mouth. I don’t think vocally there has been a group out there that has been like us you know, like ever. Where each individual can really hold their own, not only that we don’t just bring vocals. We’re business mean, engineers, writers, producers, choreographers, we’re everything wrapped up together. Day 26 is more than an average R&B group. Yeah I said it! (all laugh) Anything else you want to leave with the fans?
    Day 26 (Brian): Follow our Twitter, Instagram and our individual pages as well. Thanks for your support and love. For us to be gone and come back and receive so much love, that’s a blessing in it self. So thank you guys so much for supporting us!

    [Day 26 "The Return" Book]


    [Download: Explicit | Clean]


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    UB Contest: Win A Copy of Forest Whitaker’s “Repentance”

    June 26th, 2014


    Win A Copy of “Repentance!”
    (1) Winners Will Be selected randomly to win.

    Now available in stores now and via Amazon.

    Contest ends on July 1st.

    Contest Open to US Residents Only!
    **Type “Repentance” In the subject line; include mailing address in message**

    Buried secrets are painfully revealed in the disturbing thriller
    Repentance, arriving on DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet) on June 24 from Lionsgate
    Home Entertainment and Codeblack Films. The film will be available two weeks earlier
    on Digital HD, Video On Demand, and Pay-Per-View on June 10. Oscar® winner Forest
    Whitaker (Best Actor, The Last King of Scotland, 2006) leads an all-star cast as a
    mentally unstable man whose delusions target his spiritual advisor. The film also
    stars Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Hurt Locker), Mike
    Epps (The Hangover Part III, upcoming Nina), Nicole Ari Parker (TV’s “Revolution,”
    TV’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood”) and Sanaa Lathan (The Best Man Holiday, Something
    New). An earnest life-coach/author, Thomas Carter (Mackie), is mysteriously abducted
    by a deranged client, Angel Sanchez (Whitaker), who delves into Thomas’ teachings
    and uses his spiritual messages of Karma – action and reaction, against him to
    terrorize him and his family for their past sins.

    Fill Out Your Info Below

    * indicates required field

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    UB Reviews: Anita Wilson – “Vintage Worship”

    June 26th, 2014


    Grammy, Stellar, and Dove award nominated songstress Anita Wilson is back with her
    sophomore release “Vintage Worship.”

    Coming off a ride that every singer especially in the Gospel genre would love, one
    might wonder “how do I top that?” or “What do I do next?” Well Anita has dodge
    every chance of “sophomore jinx” and on June 24th will present a body of work that
    let’s us know that she isn’t going anywhere soon! (“Won’t He Will?!?!”)

    Leading with the single “That’s What He’s Done For Me”, on this album, Anita
    sought out inspiration from some of her favorites both past and present, including
    gospel greats like The Winans, The Clark Sisters, & The Tommies as well as R&B
    artists like Chaka Khan & George Clinton.

    While listening to the project, I never once skipped one track. The album opens up
    with “Close To You”, a simple heartfelt testimony telling God that her desire is
    to be close to Him and from then it becomes a huge a musical journey. Along this
    journey you come across tracks like “You Love Me (Best Of My Love)” that samples
    the 1977 hit “Best of My Love” by the group The Emotions, to “Keep Doing What
    You’re Doing” that production wise reminds me of 1990′s BeBe & CeCe track, the
    funky “So Gone”, “Oh How I Love Jesus” which I’m sure will be a fan favorite, and
    a uptempo remix of “Happy Being Me” a song originally sung by Angie Stone, but
    most will be familiar with from Donald Lawrence’s “The Law Of Confession” album
    that Anita was of course featured on.

    This musical journey called “Vintage Worship” fuses Gospel & R&B with sounds from
    the 1970′s, 1980′s, & 1990′s all while keeping the message and ministry clear.
    This album is a must for music lovers across the board.

    Anita, please “Keep Doing What You’re Doing”!

    - BryWoo (


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    Listen to Day 26′s “The Return” EP – Available Now

    June 25th, 2014

    The Return Cover (Final)

    Day 26 has officially returned, with all of the original members. Robert Curry, Brian Angel, Willie Taylor, Michael “Butta” McCluney and Qwanell “Que” Mosley. Today the group drops their new EP entitled “The Return.” has your first exclusive listen to the 8-track set.

    We had a lot of time to grow up, go through a lot of things,” Willie Taylor says of the reunited group. Keeping his word from an 2012 UB interview after the group announced a “break.” When we asked him if the group was to return who would be invited back; “I’m not a petty person so I would bring Que, Mike, Brian, Rob and myself, everybody, because that’s who people grew to love through the television show and the first two albums, so I would bring it all back. I honestly don’t even think it would make sense without it all.”

    Check out the EP below as well as the Day 26 Book and get ready for our new interview with the reunited Day 26 coming up tomorrow!

    [Day 26 "The Return" Book]


    [Download: Explicit | Clean]

    1. Touchdown feat. Baby Bash
    Produced by: Bruce Bang and Trakksounds
    Written By: Rich Andruws, Bruce Bang, and Rodney Ray
    Recorded @ iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX by Bruce Bang
    Noivak Music Studio, Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan By First Contact Music Group
    Mixed By Bruce Bang, @ iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX

    2. BullS?#!t
    Produced by Marcus “Da Heatmizer” Devine for Dafurnace Music Group
    Written By Robert Curry, Marcus Devine
    Recorded @ Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan by Marcus Devine
    Noivak Music Studio,Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX by Bruce Bang
    Mixed By Marcus Devine, @ Dafurnace Recording Complex, Detroit, MI

    3. R&B Singer
    Produced By John Blu aka Blu Beats
    Written By John Blu (SingleMakers), W. Taylor (Noivak Music), M, McClunney,
    R. Curry
    Recorded @ Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan By First Contact Music Group
    Noivak Music Studio, Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    Mixed By Chris “Classick” Inumerable @ Classick Studios, Chicago, IL

    4. You’re Worth It
    Produced by: Jay Dean Reid & Amir Cuyler
    Written by: Terence Williams, Sheldon Body, Jay Dean Reid & Amir Cuyler,
    Brian “Angel” Andrews
    Recorded @ Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan By First Contact Music Group
    Mixed By Bruce Bang, @ iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX

    5. Make It To The Bed
    Produced By Fred “The Champ” Crawford
    Written By Fred Crawford , Shawn Wells, Tiffany Bynum, Willie Taylor
    Recorded @ FMG Studio, Homewood, IL By Fred “The Champ” Crawford
    Mixed By Matt Hennessy @ VSOP Studios, Chicago, Il

    6. Russian Roulette
    Produced by: Jay Dean Reid & Amir Cuyler
    Written by: Terence Williams, Sheldon Body, Jay Dean Reid & Amir Cuyler
    Robert Curry Brian “Angel” Andrews
    Recorded @ iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX by Bruce Bang
    Noivak Music Studio, Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan By First Contact Music Group
    Mixed By Bruce Bang @ iMix Recording Studio, Houston , TX.

    7. Impossible
    Produced By First Contact Music Group, The Olympicks, Music Brokers Ent
    Written By Chechi Sarai (Of Music Brokers Ent.)
    Recorded @ Mix Studio One, Detroit, MI By First Contact Music Group
    Noivak Music Studio, Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    iMix Recording Studios by Bruce Bang
    Mixed By Bruce Bang, @ iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX

    8. Lose Control
    Produced By Marcus “Da Heatmizer” Devine for Dafurnace Music Group
    Original Produced by Keith Sweat
    Written By Gary Jenkins, Roy Murray, Keith Sweat
    Recorded @ Noivak Music Studio, Crown Point, IN by Willie Taylor
    iMix Recording Studios, Houston, TX by Bruce Bang
    Mix Factory One, Detroit, Michigan By First Contact Music Group
    Globetrakkers Studios, S. Carolina By Marquis “Keyz” Bridges
    LTZ Entertainment LLC, Rochester, NY By Julio Rivera
    Mixed By Marcus Devine, @Dafurnace Recording Complex, Detroit, MI