A New Hilarious Medical Comedy For Women of Color

There’s a new girl in town, and she’s looking to join the ranks of Issa, Mary Jane, Annalise, and Olivia Pope. Rhonda Mitchell M.D. is a new comedy web series that brings nonstop laughter, drama, smart writing and a diverse cast.

Rhonda Mitchell M.D., a comedic medical themed drama, was filmed
exclusively in Harlem, New York and directed by Roderick Giles
(“Gully,” “The Date,” “FWord”)
. The series boasts a super talented
ensemble cast including, Jowanda Durham (“Fists of Love,” “Miss
Bomba Claudie Show”)
in the title role; Malachi Rivers (“Ferguson,”
“Lips”); Mugga (“Precious,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Power”);
Robert Starks (“The Haves and Have Nots”); Ruth Maria Flores (“I Am
My Sister’s Keeper,” “Fever Divas”); Vanessa Fant (“Miss Bomba
Claudie Show”) and Mike Troy Smith (“Chappelle’s Show,” “Russell
Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam”).
Rhonda Mitchell M.D. was created by
Carolyn Pierre-Outlar, executive produced by James McKnight and
Vanessa McKnight and produced by Jerome Outlar.

This amazing new web series recently held its world premiere during
the iconic American Black Film Festival in Miami this past Summer.
The web series received tons of positive reviews and fans of the show
eagerly anticipating the full season, which started Monday, October 30th.

My goal in writing this project was to show a professional, black
woman and other medical professionals from a different perspective

says creator Carolyn Pierre-Outlar. “I’d love to see Rhonda reach a
broad audience. I think she’s a very relatable character and I hope
viewers enjoy watching her as much as I enjoyed writing her
.” Carolyn is also currently a practicing medical professional.
It’s not everyday that you hear about a black, female, medical
provider writing her own series
” says Carolyn.

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