Hip-Hop Weekly Salutes “Whitney Houston” With Collectible Issue

Hip Hop Weekly Magazine has released a special issue commemorating the life and achievements of the late pop icon Whitney Houston. The latest in a series of special limited editions, which have included such topical personalities as Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce and Jay-Z, this issue takes readers behind the mic and behind the rumors, chronicling the illustrious achievements of a beloved celebrity who sold over 170 million records worldwide.

Spearheaded by Editor-In-Chief Cynthia Horner, who was acquainted with Ms. Houston and her family, and was responsible for bringing Bobby Brown and New Edition to national attention in the media, Horner, along with editors T.J. Rudy, Cavario H. and Jamaal Bachelor, conducted a series of exclusive interviews with industry insiders who were able to provide much needed insight about the beloved singer who died on the eve of the Grammy Awards. The magazine design and special poster pull-outs were created by Wor Whosane and Roderick McZeal.

Hip Hop Weekly’s commemorative issue celebrates the life of Newark, New Jersey’s First Daughter, Ms. Houston, and takes readers into Whitney’s world, giving objective, positive editorial coverage to an artist whose significance to the entertainment industry has been at times overshadowed by lurid gossip. Rev. Al Sharpton, who contributed to the issue, states, “I am so troubled by all of the negative stories on Whitney. Whitney lived her life under the microscope and she had her challenges and problems like everyone else. It’s just because she was so big that everyone knew when she had a challenge and everyone knew when she had a problem.”

Also in the issue, which is on newsstands everywhere, are the following highlights:

“Whitney took me on a United States tour. She called me onstage in New Mexico to sing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ I was front and center, she introduced me and told everybody who I was and I started singing and she came in at some point and she ended the song and they loved it. That was the first time we really publically sang together.”

“I’ll always remember her as the sweet little girl that sang my backgrounds. She was a prodigy. It’ll be years before we see talent like that again.”

“Whitney’s voice was so amazing that when she was in the studio with Kashif recording ‘You Give Good Love’ we only needed one take. Kashif was recording while she was singing, but she didn’t know it. We kept that one take.”

  1. Hip- hop weekly did a wonderful thing honoring Whitney that will be a magazine truely be cherish by her fans… Nippy will be talked about for a long time . I’m glad that the magazine had taken time out to salute her… I Salute you .She made a impact on people lives for them had taken time out for the icon .Nippy will sill be remembered by everybody who supported her ,loved her as a singer and a person …..

  2. this is the most amazing magazine on whitney yet. an i need another copy for backup. somebody tell me how to get it

  3. I gotten the Whitney greatest hits ,Whitney Houston disc when she had the boy cut on the front . I’m your baby tonight , The body guard disces … I’m going to find her other disces by her…. Nippy music still sound good .

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