4 comments on “Tonight is The Series Premiere of “Khloé & Lamar”

  1. TISH

    Look at the show and it’s a good reality show to me. khole and Lamar
    show tv the trials and tribluations about two people first time been married. Marriage is harder for them because they didn’t go though the courtship stage. I wonder will he has his five kids on the show from his old girlfriend. Sorry to see he can’t have a relationship with his father by him living as a addict. He does need to forgive him contiune to be siveable .
    Khole should of stayed out of the problems Lamar is having with his father. Both of them need to work it out. I know she was trying to help by her loosing her father but she had a better relationship.
    Their show brings drama making the show good for tv.

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