1. kfluff

    I am happy to know that Brandy is doing well at overcoming everything that she has been through. Troubles do pass and thats only with time… I totally agree with her about the Favorite CD was Full Moon. I still play that CD to this day. I can jam to that CD from Beginning to end! Evertime the CD got worn out or scratched I bought a new one LOL! I love all her music but the last CD just did not stick with me that much as I hoped it would. I don’t need to hear all the songs on the Radio to buy the CD but the last one was just okay. I applaud her strength but I do miss some of the
    “B-Rocka” That I have come to love over the years!!! Please don’t stray to far. I respect every artist wanting to grow and I will always support but sometimes thing do a total 360 where its hard to feel the same vibe. Everything will not always please everyone but I will always support her because she is a fantastic artist.

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