UB Spotlight: Terrence Terrell’s New Self-confidence Book ‘Blacky’

Terrence Terrell (newly signed to The JDot. Agency) recently released his highly anticipated new children‘s book “Blacky.”

Blacky is a story of confidence based on Terrell‘s childhood.The lead character Skylar, like most of us, feels that he is born different and doesn’t know how he will ever fit in. After a little guidance, a quick science lesson, and a whole lot of love, he finds that he is more special than he could’ve imagined.

Blacky is an uplifting story about a young boys journey to self confidence” says Terrell.

I think that Blacky will encourage all of us to embrace the things that make us different. Growing up I always related to the Ugly Duckling. Writing this children’s book was a 360 moment for me because by the end of the story, Skylar realizes why he’s different and learns to appreciate it.”

Aside from releasing his upcoming children‘s book, Terrell is also very busy in the land of film and television. He just wrapped playing lead in the new Ariana Grande featuring Future video for “Everyday,” and can also be seen recurring on Criminal Minds Season 12 (CBS) opposite Aisha Tyler.

Writing Blacky was such a fulfilling experience for me because now I get paid for my unique looks” says Terrell.

Blacky” is available for order at www.iamblacky.com

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