Adina Howard Speaks on ‘Blasphemy’ in New Visual

Adina Howard has released the video for her new single “Blasphemy.”

Blasphemy” is the lead single from Adnia Howard‘s forthcoming album release “Resurrection.” The album will arrive April 14th.

The new single has a strong inspirational message as Adina sings,

Don’t lose yourself, stay on track; it’s blasphemy, baby you’re a God. Believe that!”

Adina is an angel in the clip and sings just as angelic, over a dope club-beat. In this powerful visual, with a great message.

Watch it now.

Adina is celebrating the 22nd year anniversary of her debut release “Do You Wanna Ride,” released February 28, 1995. Next month Adina will celebrate the anniversary of her her official sophomore release “The Second Coming,” which will be 13 years old with it being released on April 6, 2004.

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——————- Do You Wanna Ride dropped in 95, what was better about the music industry, compared to how it is now?

Adina Howard: I couldn’t even tell you, honestly I couldn’t because it’s all the same to me at this point. The difference between then and now is the technology.

I learned my lesson because I use to say independent labels are more compact and they’ll be able to focus on you more & push your project. Only to realize they’re not as good because they do not have the machine like the major has.”

All of their contacts and what not, they’re ineffective. So at the end of the day you need a label that supports you 100%, has the contacts, has the financial backing that’s needed for the pay to play. Because if you don’t have the money to pay these radio stations to play your music you can forget about it. Again I love technology, to a certain degree today because it’s a blessing and a curse. But internet radio and satellite radio are good, but they will never add up to what traditional radio is. Because not everybody can afford satellite radio and on top of that you have so many got darn stations and when it comes to internet radio again it’s so many of them & just anybody can put a internet radio station together. So it’s not like it’s a huge catalyst for artist like that.

A quote from our last UB interview with Adina Howard, click here to read.

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