Chante’ Moore Debuts New Visual for ‘Real One’ | New Album in June

Chante Moore is gearing up for her new album release.

Today, she has premiered the visual for the lead single “Real One.” The single is lifted from her forthcoming album release “The Rise of the Phoenix.” This will mark Moore’s 7th CD being released via Chante‘s label CM7 Records. The album captures her impressive vocal dexterity, songwriting skills and production ingenuity over various soundscapes from 808 bass to Spanish guitar riffs to heartfelt ballads helmed by an impressive mixture of talented Grammy Award-winning producers and songwriters. It’s just the kind of album that will thrill her legion of avid fans who have been begging her for new music.

The Phoenix is a powerful symbol of renewal,” she says. “The mythical bird from Greek mythology lives a long life, burns to ashes, but reemerges more beautiful, more refined and more powerful than ever. I can so relate to that.”

The Rise of the Phoenix album is rich with emotion and personal revelations about Chante’’s life and feelings. From infectious dance tracks, to sensual ballads, to anthems of heart-and-soul healing and personal rejuvenation’s, Chante’ will be the first to tell you that this album is her crowning achievement and her most personal yet.

Over the last two years, she’s hardly taken a weekend off, enjoying working on the album while performing with R&B and jazz concert dates across the country. “My stamina is up,” she says. “I have mastered new vocal techniques that I never tried before. I have let go of the pretenses of what someone else thinks I should look like or sound like. I’ve learned to be true to myself; to be free.”

This album reflects where I am now in my life. I am perfecting myself. I’m learning to burn away the old mindset, the negativity that weighed me down so I can become the best me. I see myself becoming clearer and stronger and I’m back with a new vengeance. I am the Phoenix rising and I’m living my life again!”

“The Rise of the Phoenix” is expected in June!

  1. I’ve been a Big fan of Chante for as long as I’ve known there was a Change since Minnie Ripperton was a number vocalist on top of her game then we heard a Beautiful Humming Bird sing! I was Sold an have been she is the total package!! Versatile! She is a Chamilion in this game she can be put anywhere and she is going to Adapt to! Reality Tv?Rap music? Jazz?Multilingual? Acting? Business Woman? Etc!! ALWAYS EVOLVING!!

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