Trey Songz stays True to R&B on Upcoming ‘Tremaine The Album’

You know …but do you know Tremaine?

Since the release of his 2005 Atlantic Records debut I Gotta Make It, singer, actor, entrepreneur, performer, and Virginia native Trey Songz has sold over 20 million combined albums and singles, achieved two GRAMMY® Award nominations, landed back-to-back #1 debuts on the Billboard Top 200 with the RIAA gold-certified Chapter V in 2012 and RIAA platinum-certified Trigga in 2014, and staunchly carried a tradition of classic R&B into the 21st century. He has seduced sold out audiences everywhere around the globe, earning the nicknames “Mr. Steal Your Girl” and the man who “invented sex” by crooning with irresistible and inimitable passion. A multi-faceted entertainer, he took over the big screen in blockbusters such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and Baggage Claim and launched his very own line of spirits—SX Liquors.

In 2017, he reveals himself like never before on his seventh full-length album and most poignant, powerful, and personal project to date, “Tremaine The Album” via Atlantic Records on March 24th.

My real name is Tremaine, so that had to be the title because it’s my most vulnerable body of work,” the artist admits. “What you’re hearing is where I am in my life. It’s a soundtrack to me figuring it out. I’ve been blessed. I’ve seen the world. I’ve had so much success. Sharing my love is important and I want people to get to know Tremaine.”

In the middle of touring behind Trigga and Trigga Reloaded, he took every opportunity to record—often pulling double duty and holing up in the studio after shows until the morning for the better part of two years. Recording took place everywhere from Miami, New York, and Los Angeles to London, France, and South Africa. Along the way, he made a conscious decision to strip the sound back to its most basic elements with classic production and no features across the 15 tracks. Inspired by the likes of R&B greats in the past.

I love soul,” he goes on.

The goal was to do something timeless. It can still be classic with a bounce. The whole process was therapy. Every element mattered from the images to the lyrics.”

Breaking the mold, he introduced the music via an innovative fake “reality show” entitled Tremaine The Playboy. The songs soundtracked “episodes” filled with all kinds of drama and laughs as 20 ladies competed to become the object of his affection. The first single “Nobody Else But You” sees his voice take flight over a subtle groove. In just a month, it impressively racked up over 4.7 million streams. The follow-up “Playboy” pairs his signature falsetto with sultry finger-snaps as he admits, “Don’t know why I’m still, still kissing girls that I don’t love, still stumbling out of these clubs, still I’m just so hard to trust, don’t know why I’m still a playboy.”

That sets the whole tone for everything,” he says. “My momma wants another grandchild. It’s not that I don’t want that; she just needs to be the right girl. I’m in search of Mrs. Neverson.

Elsewhere, “Song Goes Off” paints the picture of yearning for a true connection on the dance floor before the music stops, while “Animal” sees our protagonist face-to-face with an overwhelming, yet totally natural urge.

The whole tracklisting tells a story,” he elaborates. “I’m struggling in a relationship. I keep thinking about losing that one. At the same time, I’m still a beast some nights. That’s the narrative.”

With its personal and cohesive conceptual thread, Tremaine harks back to the R&B masterpieces that defined generations whether it’s R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet or Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together with its own distinct swagger and style.

Very few people are doing real R&B these days, I never left.”

Trey went on to say “I always felt like it was a cornerstone. You’re not just touching somebody’s ears but their hearts, making moments in songs people live their lives to.”

Ultimately, you’ll finally get to know Tremaine after one listen.

I want people to feel like I gave them a piece of me,” he leaves off. “I want you to fall in love with the first song and let it play until the end. That’s who I am. Simply put Tremaine.”

Pre-order “Tremaine The Album” now!

Watch the extended episodes of Tremaine the Playboy featuring confessionals and more: www.TREMAINETHEPLAYBOY.COM

  1. That’s how know Trey, he is voice has not merely touched my ears but my heart since I first heard him back in 2009 with song ‘I need a girl ‘ I literally well inlove with his voice, I’ve never come across such a young airtist with so much soul, Trey was the first one, I’m still amazed by his tone of voice as he sounds too matured for his own age, I’m dying to meet Tremaine,i wish him all the best in both personal and his career,i pray he finds his true match, a well deserving woman from above, somebody who I’ll love Tremaine forwho he is and not what he has, Jesus continue to bless Trey beyond measures,i love Tremaine ?..from South Africa,Cape Town.

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