Mindless Behavior – #OfficialMBMusic: Confident, Energetic & Unapologetic | Available June 24th

Mindless Behavior is set to release their third album June 24th via eOne/Conjunction Entertainment Inc.

Mindless Behavior hasn’t missed a beat on their quest to become R&B culture mainstays. This trio brings the heat on the lead-off single #iWantDat where Golden State native rap stars Problem and Bad Lucc show up to add their flavor to the bossed-up, sauced-up club anthem.

Prince, Mike, and EJ go hard at a young lady who’s caught their attention singing “don’t play cause I want you…“, yet they make it apparent that they aren’t interested in doing too much talking about it chanting “whatever’s on your mind can we do it right now cause #iWantDat“.

Other standouts on the latest offering from the Mindless crew are #Blur, another club banger which opens with the guys being all for the debauchery found at the bottom of a bottle of Ciroc, but then trying to recall the events of the previous night. #OverNightBag is that lay-back tune for the ladies. Aptly named, the R&B ballad coaxes a young lady to enter the next phase of flirtationship by packing a bag so that she can stay over after their tryst for once.


The album rounds out nicely with the sexy ballad #Lamborghini, where they declare the need for speed in both their cars and their women. #SongCry , a nod to Jay-Z, shows that hint of vulnerability men feel when they’ve realized they fell for the wrong girl. Singing “I caught way too many feelings for you…“, MB assures the chick who tried to be slick that they’re already on to the next.

#OfficialMBMusic is a bender, a party, a hook-up, and a breakup. The magic of this album is that somehow, still, after experiencing the full spectrum of young adult party culture, complete with the ups and downs of going from having no expectations to being disappointed, you wanna experience it all over again.

#OfficialMBMusic is confident, energetic, and unapologetic. The boys are young men now, but Mindless Behavior is still serving the bravado we know them for.

After a lengthy hiatus, longtime fans and new fans alike will be happy to know that Mindless Behavior is still on the menu and #OfficialMBMusic will put them right back on top.


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