Robert Townsend & Salli Richardson-Whitfield Star in “Playin’ for Love”



“Playin’ for Love”
is a Romantic Comedy about a Top high school player, Justice “The Judge” McCoy, has just joined the Miami Jackson High School Generals basketball team. The Generals are an extraordinary team of fast plays, powerhouse athleticism, deadly defense and cocky assuredness, all attributes that have led to them being the number one team in the country to beat. And their success would not be possible without their dynamic coach, the charming, but crafty Neven Banks, 40?s, a man who’s secretly set his sights on coaching up the next rung in the NCAA and now with a player like Justice McCoy, he might finally get his wish.

But what Coach Nivens hadn’t counted on the sassy, no nonsense Talisa McCoy, Justice’s gorgeous mother, a woman so fiercely protective of her son and her other four children, she’s scary. Even scarier is her encyclopedic knowledge of basketball, which she can’t help, but share without much provocation.

Needless to say, Talisa and Coach Nivens bump heads. He’s not used to being off his game and she’s not used to feeling anything for a man. But eventually their love of basketball unearths long buried passions in them both. Their romance develops as several team romances develop, too. But then ambition threatens to destroy it all as well as any potential for winning the state championship. In a nail-biter of a game, we are left to root for our team but even more for our couples, adult and teen, to finally win at love.

The Film Stars Salli Richardson-Whitfield (I Am Legend, Antwone Fisher), Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbeats, Meteor Man), Jenifer Lewis (Think Like a Man, Madea’s Family Reunion), and Steve White (Get On The Bus, Do The Right Thing).