LA Reid’s New Memoir “Sing to Me” – Available Now


LA Reid's "Sing to Me" Available Now! (PRNewsFoto/Epic Records)
LA Reid's "Sing to Me" Available Now! (PRNewsFoto/Epic Records)

LA Reid, Chairman & CEO, Epic Records and three-time Grammy-winning producer has released his first-ever memoir, Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who’s Next (Harper Collins).

LA Reid’s memoir will be the must-read music-biz tome.” – Billboard

He discovered so many top-tier music talents — Usher, TLC and Outkast, to name a few — it’s almost hard to believe.” – NY Daily News

His ear for fresh talent (OutKast, Usher, TLC, Pink, Rihanna, Kanye) and mid career revivals (Whitney, Mariah, J. Lo) has made him an industry legend.” – Entertainment Weekly

Sing To Me” is a stunning record of LA Reid‘s life and career, featuring over 100 of his personal photos.

Available Now at Barnes & Noble.

From the man who changed music, here are the stories behind the songs.

Over the last three decades, one legendary music producer and record man has transformed the business, discovering and producing some of the greatest acts in pop music history, including Toni Braxton, Kanye West, Rihanna, TLC, Outkast, Mariah Carey, Pink, Justin Bieber, and Usher. At the helm of four celebrated and innovative music labels—

LaFace, Arista, Island Def Jam, and Epic—LA Reid set his sights on finding one massive star after the next, and then worked behind the soundboard to create some of the most memorable and unforgettable hits of the last two generations.

Now, for the first time, he tells his story, taking fans behind the scenes of his rise to record business stardom. In Sing to Me, Reid chronicles the fascinating journey from his small-town R&B roots in Cincinnati, Ohio, to his fame as a Grammy Award–winning producer to his gig as a judge on the hit reality show The X Factor. With fascinating insight into his process of scouting new talent, Reid also offers a detailed look at his involvement with the countless artists he’s mentored into legends—from the beginning of their meteoric rises to that critical moment when he knew they would be the next big thing.

What emerges is a captivating portrait of the inner workings of the pop music machine, and the story of a man climbing to the top on passion and raw talent alone. Beautifully designed and jam-packed with photos, Sing to Me showcases Reid’s trademark musical vision, revealing a multifaceted genius who continues to shape our culture to this day.

“I always know in a few seconds.
There are very few people who can pass an audition. I usually know when they walk in the room before they open their mouth—even if they open their mouth only to speak and not sing. I’ve already made up my mind.
The last few minutes is just me being kind to them. I’ve been told I’m rude in auditions,
but I’m not. I might not look up from my computer, but I pay attention. I never tell anybody what I think, unless I’m blown away. I like the theater of leaving it hanging,
so that when you do deliver the news, you create a life-changing moment.”

—from SING TO ME