New Video: Steven Christopher – “Breathe”


Steven Christopher has released the visual for his single “Breathe.”
This full-length video is a bit abstract and performance based, as Steven
chose to stay away from visuals that appeared too literal.
Instead, Steven and the director played on the lyric “it’s about the place
love takes you
” – a place you will soon visit once you watch the video.

Christopher opted for something cinematic to enhance the emotions of the
song, allowing feelings to become massive. Shot in California’s Lucerne
Valley, Stephen traveled from Atlanta, GA, to achieve that perfect setting.
Being inspired by artistic visionaries like Kanye West, Steven’s goal was
to give fans, something they’d never expect.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions in life, but only a select few actually
strategize and act out those dreams. Memphis native Steven Christopher had
a dream to become one of the top entertainers in the music world. His
explosive vocals, charismatic personality, work ethic and creative blend of
hip hop, R&B and soul, Steven Christopher’s unique sound is one that will
make you remember who he is.

Working with some of the top producers in the business, including Chuck
Harmony, Kendrick “Wyldcard” Dean, Kwame, traveling back and forth to L.A.
and NYC; the work paid off. *“I got to Atlanta, and have no idea how but
ended up around the right people. At that point it was grind or go home. I
didn’t care about anything but making music. I’m sure everybody was
probably thinking ‘Who’s this skinny kid and why won’t he leave the
studio?’ I just always tried my hardest and thankfully people saw something
in me*.”

Steven found a mentor in producer Shama “Sak Pase” Joseph (Rihanna “Man
Down”, Jay-Z & Kanye West “Who Gon Stop Me”). “Sham was the first producer
I ever had a in-studio writing session with; before that I’d just write at
home and bring the song in to demo. I was scared as shit but somehow we
made the biggest song I think I’ve ever written and it kept going, song
after song. He and I developed this crazy musical chemistry and he became a
mentor to me like a big brother. Sham was the first person I went to when i
decided to start workin’ on my own music.” Fans can find his new joint,
“Breathe,” off his upcoming EP called “Luv Hard.”

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