UB Reviews: “Dracula Untold” – First Time Director Bats Home-Run with New Film


In Theaters October 10th

Director Gary Shore hits the lottery with his directorial debut Dracula
. This first time director bats a home-run with this new creative spin
on the Dracula franchise which features superb acting from Luke Evans (Fast
& Furious 6, The Raven, Immortals, The Hobbit)
& his on-screen love interest
Sarah Gadon (Belle, Enemy).

Dracula Untold takes place in the year 1462, and the city of Transylvania
has enjoyed a prolonged period of peace under Prince Vlad III (Luke Evans).
Prince Vlad along with his wife Mirena (Sarah Gadon) successfully broker
peace for their country and ensure their people of protection from the
various evil empires abroad. But when Sultan Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper)
demands 1,000 boys ­ including Vlad’s only son, shit hits the fan and all
hell breaks loose. Prince Vlad defies the Sultan’s wishes and then flees to
Broken Tooth Mountain where he encounters a very scary and decrepit demon
(Charles Dance of Game of Thrones). Prince Vlad and the demon broker a deal
in order for Prince Vlad to defeat the Sultan and his enormous army of
soldiers. Without giving away too much, this is where the film picks up and
will have you on the edge of your seat till the end.

Of course there are a few bumps in the road where the die hard Dracula fans
may have a few questions and theories about certain things that take place
throughout the film. However, these bumps aside, the film is definitely very
good coupled with a great storyline, action and superb acting from it’s
leading cast.

Just in time for Halloween, moviegoers should definitely go see Dracula
Untold and just remember you’re never too old to be afraid of the dark.

– JDot. (UrbanBridgez.com)

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