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The Houston-based vocal ensemble The Walls Group is comprised of siblings
Darrel (23), Rhea (18), Paco (17) and Ahjah (16). Their close-knit
harmonies and gospel influences have produced a trademark sound that is
instantly recognizable among a new generation of gospel consumers. Rising
to fame from online videos and an self titled independent release back in
2012, the talented siblings are now ready to release their Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA debut “Fast Forward”.

The release has been anticipated since the announcement that they were the
first act to be signed to Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul label and supporters
have been patiently waiting. Soon after the announcement came new music.
The group gave us a preview of what’s to come with a 4-track EP “Love On
The Radio”, all of which are on the full lp and even released a video for
“Perfect People”. Now on September 2nd, fans will get the hear the
remainder of the project. I was given an exclusive advance listen and can
tell you that this album is nothing short of amazing.

New songs include “Big Brother” an anthem themed, rousing country-pop
tinged number. It lyrically reinforces Jesus as our friend and our big
brother. The group sings “You’re my Savior, and my King, but you still make
time to be my big brother”. The song is comparable to “country-pop” songs
by artists like Taylor Swift & Lumineers and has an element similar to the
tag in Phillip Phillips “Home”. Kid choirs, youth ministries, & CCM
audiences will love this one!

“Great Is Your Love” written by the group’s very own Darrel (who also pens
“Freedom”) was a favorite upon first listen. The song uses “great” as an
adjective to describe God’s love, mercy, and grace. “Your grace has no
limits, and your love has no measure….great is your love always covering
me” a line that Paco belts out is one that really stands out and catches
your attention. From the lyrics to the production, everything about this
cut is “great”. Seriously one that will stay on repeat.

Earlier this year, the group sent fans into a frenzy by posting video and a
picture of them in the studio with R&B singer Brandy. There was even an
interview where they teased us with an a capella of that particular track.
The song “God On My Mind” truly lives up to the hype. A smooth ballad that
speaks about no matter “how hard they try” they just can’t stop thinking
about God. It starts off mellow, but slowly builds up to special guest
Brandy who (with the help of The Walls) takes a trip down memory lane with
a snippet of the chorus from her song “Always On My Mind” a track from her
1994 self titled debut and ends with a verse of her own mixed with her
signature runs and harmonies.

Brandy wasn’t the only artist to join the group on this project. Rapper
Lecrae lends his lyrical gift on the song “High”. Offering a hint of
nostalgia, “High” is equal parts ethereal, bass booming, ambient, and
sonically angelic. Older music lovers might recognize the sample from Art
of Noise “Moments In Love”

Sometimes it’s rare to get an album where you like every song, but “Fast
Forward” is one of those. With all 4 sharing lead equally, they, with the
help of Kirk Franklin have delivered an album that can be played over and
over again and can be loved by all age groups. From up-tempos like “Perfect
People”, ballads like “Anything & Everything”, spoken word pieces, to
churchy heart felt reprises like the one on “Beautiful”, this album has
something for everyone and is a must have.

– BryWoo (UrbanBridgez.com)

[Preview “God On My Mind“ feat. Brandy via The Brandy Blog]

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