New Music: RL Responds to Former NEXT Members on “Aye”


Well it has happened, sh!t has officially hit the fan & RL is fed up! To bring those up to speed, NEXT has relaunched with a new member Aaron DePonce (DE) who has officially replaced RL. Over the years there has been some bad blood between RL and original members brothers T-Low and Tweet. However, most of us thought everything was squashed and the group was back together recording new music as of 2012.

Things however took another turn for the worse and RL officially left the group. Over a period of time the members of NEXT have spoken negative about him in interviews and in a nut shell, made it seem like he was just another member of the group and brought nothing special and he wasn’t the voice of NEXT as RL claims he is. Call us crazy, but if RL wasn’t the voice of NEXT…who was?

Rewind to today, RL has finally broken his silence with a new track entitled “Aye” in response to the negative comments and the track even includes actual interview clips from NEXT group members.

Check out the track and let us know, are you #TeamRL or #TeamNEXT

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