New Video: Mario Abrams “Love Like This” feat. Yobi


Up and coming songwriter, singer, and producer Mario Abrams is ready to bring his Islands infused music to the US with “Love Like This” featuring Yobi.

Mario Abrams is a accomplished songwriter and producer from St.Thomas Virgin Islands. He’s responsible for numerous reggae and calypso hits produced in the islands. Mario wrote and produced “Love Like This” and the song garnered a great deal from many US labels after blowing up at radio in the Caribbean. In the same world as Sean Kingston, Iyaz, and Kevin Lyttle, Mario Abrams is the latest to bring the island crossover sound to the US.

Mario Abramson Jr. was born on January 5, 1990 in Newark New Jersey which he lived for 5 years and then moved to St.Thomas . Mario began making Calypso/ hip hop tracks on a Casio keyboard. While in high school, Mario began a long-term collaboration with Top News Band, who performed at different venues in the Virgin Islands. The teenaged Abramson Jr. also joined the production studio, WMB Entertainment in the Virgin Islands where he learned more about the art of recording. Shortly after Mario moved to Orlando Florida to attend Full Sail University for Recording Arts but because of financial reasons he had to put school on a hold. While in Florida he then became known as M.O and collaborated with a selective group of artist which is IYAZ (Signed by WARNER BROTHERS), Out The Box, Smash Brothers (producers), Kmisha Counts (2005 Ms. American Virgin Islands).

In late 2009 Mario then moved to Atlanta, GA to continue his journey in his music career. While in Atlanta Mario had the chance to work with artist such as S.O.D Money Gang (signed by Souljah Boy/Interscope), Rock City, DTM Boys, and Charley Boy Gang.

In 2010-Present Mario came back to St.Thomas to continue working with WMB Entertainment and get his financial funds together to plan his next move to Atlanta. Mario has formed a roster of contacts with in the years of traveling and collaborating with many other producers, artist’s, song writers and engineers. He is also working on forming his own management team to expand his resources.

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