“Think Like A Man Too” Cast Dishes on The #1 Film in The Country


Last Friday “Think Like A Man Too” opened in theaters and by the end of the weekend the film took the #1 spot, ranking in $30 million. UrbanBridgez.com attended the L.A. press junket recently in support of the film with the cast as they spoke about the film.

Check out some quotes from the cast and make sure if you haven’t already you check the film out this weekend or if you have already…check it out again!


Why a sequel?
Romany Malco: I feel like [Will Packer] tapped into a new audience with [his] style of movies where they actually want more. Rather than leave them hanging, why don’t we just give them more of what they want.


Terrance Jenkins thoughts on his incredible career from 106 to E! to this franchise…
It’s an incredible feeling. I admire everybody here first of all professionally. To get to work with some of the best actors and comedians on the top of their game and craft and to get to learn from them. The best part is I’m the least experienced and I have these guys as acting coaches, I can pull them to the side and say hey let’s spend a little extra time working on this scene and we can go over notes. It’s just a really collaborative process, I’m around a lot of guys that I really feel safe and comfortable around and I trust them.


How was the cameos decided for the film?
Kevin Hart: The cameos came from us wanting to have surprise factors in the film. You know what you’re getting from the cast with it being such a large group. Like George Wallace, it’s just added bonuses. George Wallace is legendary, I mean he is Vegas! You’re looking at Mr. Vegas right now from a comedian stand point, he’s been there for like maybe 15 years. So we were lucky to get him and he added so much to that scene that Tim had on paper and Tim elevated it even more that it almost became like a western moment of Black Jack with me and the dealer. .


What was it like participating in the bar brawl?
Meagan Good: I thought it was a chance to show a different side of Mya because I think obviously there are so many aspect of her personality. Mya is like myself where she attempts to be so sweet that when she has an opportunity to let off steam it could go really left field. She was aggravated with Zeke and really doesn’t know what the relationship is but she loves this guy and when this thing breaks out she has all this build up anxiety and frustration. She does take it out on a male stripper but she’s protecting her man.


Lala: As Mya’s best friend we all know when your friend goes to war, you go to war too. You don’t ask any questions, you ask questions later. So once I saw her go it was only right for me to follow behind.


How did you guys survive the scenes with Jennifer Lewis, being she’s such a huge personality?
Taraji P. Henson: She called me a whore and a bitch, that’s all I got (all laugh). She has a big personality and some people say I do but I don’t see it.

Gabrielle Union: We were bitch or whore, but I was pretty bitch so I was okay with that (all laugh).


Regina Hall: I loved everything about her little statements at the end when she would end everything an ummhmm (laughs). She’s so great.


Gabrielle do you think you identify with your character more being you’re a soon to be newlywed?
I know even though he’s playing in the finals, he’s still got time to play Zilla! As much as people think he’s worried about Tony Parker or air-conditioning in San Antonio he’s worried about center pieces and what kind of wine we’re having. So he’s more of the one who’s driving the bus and I’m working on Maryjane.

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