UB Reviews: Anita Wilson – “Vintage Worship”


Grammy, Stellar, and Dove award nominated songstress Anita Wilson is back with her
sophomore release “Vintage Worship.”

Coming off a ride that every singer especially in the Gospel genre would love, one
might wonder “how do I top that?” or “What do I do next?” Well Anita has dodge
every chance of “sophomore jinx” and on June 24th will present a body of work that
let’s us know that she isn’t going anywhere soon! (“Won’t He Will?!?!”)

Leading with the single “That’s What He’s Done For Me”, on this album, Anita
sought out inspiration from some of her favorites both past and present, including
gospel greats like The Winans, The Clark Sisters, & The Tommies as well as R&B
artists like Chaka Khan & George Clinton.

While listening to the project, I never once skipped one track. The album opens up
with “Close To You”, a simple heartfelt testimony telling God that her desire is
to be close to Him and from then it becomes a huge a musical journey. Along this
journey you come across tracks like “You Love Me (Best Of My Love)” that samples
the 1977 hit “Best of My Love” by the group The Emotions, to “Keep Doing What
You’re Doing” that production wise reminds me of 1990’s BeBe & CeCe track, the
funky “So Gone”, “Oh How I Love Jesus” which I’m sure will be a fan favorite, and
a uptempo remix of “Happy Being Me” a song originally sung by Angie Stone, but
most will be familiar with from Donald Lawrence’s “The Law Of Confession” album
that Anita was of course featured on.

This musical journey called “Vintage Worship” fuses Gospel & R&B with sounds from
the 1970’s, 1980’s, & 1990’s all while keeping the message and ministry clear.
This album is a must for music lovers across the board.

Anita, please “Keep Doing What You’re Doing”!

– BryWoo (UrbanBridgez.com)

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