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Last year singer Mali Music released a 5 track sampler online that had fans in anticipation of what was to come. This came after receiving much criticism from the church community after releasing a statement that his new project wasn’t exactly going to be considered “Gospel”. On the sampler he included first single “Ready Aim”, “No Fun Alone”, “Heavy Love”, “Fight For You”, and current hit “Beautiful”.

With these tracks Mali revealed that the lane he was venturing into was about love, inspiration, and uplifting messages, but hey isn’t that what gospel music is about anyway?

The Singer/Songwriter is now ready to release his full ByStorm
Entertainment/RCA Records Debut “Mali Is…” on June 17th. UrbanBridgez.com was given an advance listen of the album and we are loving it. With this project he doesn’t stray away from the formula his fans loved with his previous projects. Having always been known as a story teller, he delivers great messages about love (Beautiful), relationships (Heavy Love), unity (One), and even not being ashamed to be a Christian (Royalty).

One track that really stands out is “Johnny & Donna” a song that speaks about a young couple who thought they were in love and form a relationship. When they realize that the paths they each wanted to take in life weren’t in common with each other, they’ve had a child and it’s too late. Through the lyrics Mali encourages the listener that even though life sometimes takes you on a roller coaster ride that you would had never predicted, to hold on and “make the best of what’s given to you”

In an interview with Radio One, Mali ended it by saying that with the release of this album, the air would be cleared on why he made the shift from gospel to mainstream and it most definitely been.

So what genre is “Mali Is…” exactly? To us Mali has created his own. He never strayed away from what made the world fall in love with his gift and he hasn’t compromised either. The gospel/inspirational messages are still there and especially show on tracks like “I Believe”. As a Christian who loves all types of music, this album to me was something I compared to “Song of Solomon” a book in the Bible that basically speaks on understanding love and relationships, and how it all connects to God. That to me is what Mali has done, but has taken it to a mainstream level and now will be able to reach and connect with a lot of people.

This album is a must have! (-BryWoo UrbanBridgez.com)

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