UB A.I.R. Critiques Aspiring Singer/Rapper Von Tae’


Name: Von Tae’
Location: Lexington Park , MD

Critique By: Chart-topping Songwriter/Singer Ivan Matias

Von Tae’ is an aspiring singer/rapper who hails from Maryland USA. With influences like Beyonce & Michael Jackson, Von looks to fill some big shoes with his artistry as an urban, pop crossover artist.

Von recently released his second independent album titled “My Own Religion” in January, which is the follow up to “Broken Boundaries Of Existence.” Songwriting is his strength. Von tackles various personal & social topics with a blend of new school lyrics & flowing, catchy; classic soul/R&B inspired melodies. His lyrics take on relationships, sexuality & life’s emotional roller coaster in a new school way while maintaining a heavy retro influence.The cadence & attitude of his writing style are Beyonce-esk with dare I say it; the potential to be better written songs than Bey offers with the correct co-write & time.

Songs like “Saturday Night Fever” which he approaches with a retro vibe evoke thoughts of “Mary Jane” & Koffee Browns “Afterparty.” Von’s rhyming skills are another strength.

Through his YouTube channel, it is clear that Von has a very clear direction & vision for himself as an artist. Unfortunately, I had to dig through tons of Beyonce related videos & unpolished cover performances to get it. This is a common mistake many artists make. Don’t turn your artist page into a fan page for another artist or random, unflattering performance videos. It should be easy for fans to navigate and find info about YOU as an artist.
I recommend artists regularly EDIT their social media pages to make it easy for potential supporters. The first thing on ALL Artist pages should be a brief bio & STRONG examples of your artistry. An artist page is NOT the place to be random. Save that for twitter or other sites that cater to that side of an artists personality.
While the vocals were cleaned up on the actual recordings, some of the live videos & covers posted were RUFF & do a disservice to his talent. The arrangements & execution of songs were not as strong as the actual concepts which have unlimited potential.

Von has the ability to pen monster hits for other artists with some development. His voice and arrangements will only get better with time. Von has a unique approach that deserves to shine outside of the shadows of his idols.

As an openly gay male artist of color, it can be cliche to lean too heavily on or emulate characteristics of female divas like Whitney & Beyonce. This is very common with many aspiring male artists of the GLBT community. Von is NOT common & his creative musical instinct has the potential to stand on it’s own. He is aesthetically marketable, charming; well spoken, driven; with an interesting backstory & aura.

Von Tae’ is currently working on a new (untitled) project which he considers his “biggest project yet”, set for a Summer 2015 release.

Be sure to check out his music below and artist links & let us know what you think about him in this comments section!

Twitter – twitter.com/itsvontae
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/officialvontae
MTV Feature – www.mtv.com/artists/von-tae
Facebook – www.facebook.com/officialvontae
YouTube – www.youtube.com/mrrudeego
Instagram – www.instagram.com/theofficialvontae

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