New Music: Estelle Drops “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”


Grammy award winning artist, Estelle, has released her fiery, sexy new single “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” (listen above) from the final installment of her Love & Happiness EP series, Vol. 3 How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

With a combination of drums, 808‘s, kicks & vocal chants, the D. Smith-produced track speaks to an all too familiar feeling when a woman is at her most sexual and uninhibited. Written by Estelle and D. Smith, the London-born singer/songwriter/MC says the tribal, drum-laden vibe feels like “sex, red lights and shadows and was intended to feel very tribal while playing into a woman’s sexual ownership in a passionate moment.”

She sings “I see that you want it, I already know. Impatience is showing your love below. Living in lust-like, you just want to see, come a bit closer, here take a peak…”

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