Carlton Jordan Presents New Web Series “Love Handles”

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Love Handles’ is a comedy web series centered around Leeza, a woman in her late 20?s who has allowed a recent break-up to wreak havoc on her mind…and body. Leeza’s been dumped by her boyfriend Derek after gaining too much weight in the relationship, so her besties Charlie and Jade force her in to the world of health and fitness to snap her back into shape — but when the trio join a “man magnet” fitness group, the strength of their friendship is tested right along with their physiques.

Handles’ marries two huge parallels of African-American culture, love and fitness. The comedy will voice the language and concerns of the modern Black woman, her self-image and the men (and women) she feels pressured to please with her body. Through Leeza and her besties, we’ll tackle a no holds barred, edgy approach to the subject, with enough shock factor to keep viewers clicking for more.

I created “Love Handles” with my writing partner Crystle ‘Clear’ Roberson because as someone who is online all the time, especially on blogs, I read many post about how important physical attraction is to keep a long lasting relationship. But talking with guys and girls – both seem to have different opinions on the question, is it okay to dump someone if their physical appearance changes in a relationship. ’Love Handles’ explores these ideas and more – from a girl and guys perspective. ” – Carlton Jordan

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