UB Reviews: Syesha, Terri J. Vaughn, Angie Stone, Vickie & Marvin Winans Star in “Dreams”


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Dreams” is an emotional but yet inspirational film that will keep you entertained, make you smile and at times make you want to cry. Directed by Joel Kapity and set in an urban metropolitan, Chicago area Syesha Mercado leads the cast, a former American Idol top 3 contestant from season 7. Syesha plays the role of Mia who is an inspiring singer who has to find away to stop reliving her childhood in order to go for her dream to be a professional singer. Quentin played by Marchello Lee has dreams of being a professional dancer/choreographer but battles with a past that may keep him from his destiny by not dealing with it. Joseph Awinongya plays the role of Paalo, a former thug who has turned his life around and opened a community center for teens, but his relationship with his own teen daughter is something he’s trying to mend. Alonzo (J-Son) is an ex-con who just wants to rebuild his family. His mother is played by R&B Diva Angie Stone who gives a wonderful performance in her role.

The movie starts out with a disturbing scene from Quentin’s childhood which explains why he has a hard time trusting people outside of his sister Elise played by actress Terri J. Vaughn. Quentin comes to stay with his sister and her husband Detective Jackson played by actor Tommy Ford once released from jail, Jackson lives by the motto once a criminal always a criminal so in the course of the film the two bump heads and make it difficult for Elise to really help her brother deal with his issues from their childhood.

Overall, the film is a great story about facing your demons and going after your dreams regardless of what your fears are…and more importantly, no matter what you’ve dealt with in your past. Sylesha shines as Mia, not only a great vocalist; an actress who you would never guess this was her first role. Vickie Winans, Mel Jackson and Marvin Winans Jr. also deliver stand-out performances.

You’ll want to make sure you pick up the DVD; available now.

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