New Music: “Last Time” from New Rap/R&B Duo Team Retro


Okay, we get it! You’re tough! But isn’t everyone tired of Hip-Hop’s washed-up image of gangsters and guns? Here’s introducing an inspiring, new brand of turn up…the outer-worldly, zany-brained duo known as Team Retro!

The singing, rapping, dancing, writing Philadelphia twosome is making a name for themselves the retro way – with an unquestionable grind, unparalleled behind-the-scenes prep, and undeniably excellent dance music.

When was the last time you partied” to intoxicating, EDM-infused melodies, mixed with lyric-lush Hip-Hop in the spaces between the bounce? There simply is no one else like Team Retro among their peers in Philly, and possibly the world, as they celebrate their recent feature on YAHOO’s OMG UK/Ireland site and nomination as “Best Rap Group” at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards last month.

Team Retro‘s latest electro-banger is the single “Last Time“, from their forthcoming February 2014 release, Earth Girls Are Easy on Endyo Records. Chill! Don’t let the baby faces fool you – the party these two paint on the track might sound young and free, but Jay and Cosmo have a few grown-man ideas in mind for the night, too (“…got two girls kissing like dykes” – say word?):

Jay & Cosmo are lifelong friends, having been acquainted in elementary school and later forming a tight bond through their mutual love for music and dance. TEAM RETRO established themselves as an unstoppable duo in 2009 and have been hustling hard ever since. Now they’re making a name for themselves among local and regional college & EDM crowds in preparation for the big leagues.

Team Retro has been compared to peer artists such as Chris Brown, LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas, and the retro throwback, Kid N Play]. With a new sound that can be described as “URBAN POP,” the duo has blended the perfect mixture of mainstream Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Dance Music. Gather the foam, strobe lights, herbals, and adult beverages – it’s a guaranteed head-knocking, mind-blowing party when Team Retro is in your speakers.


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