Leigh Bush (formally Sammie) Releases New EP “The Leigh Bush Project” to iTunes Today


The dapper Leigh Bush has just released his debut project under his new alias entitled, “The Leigh Bush Project.” Available for iTunes download today, the five-track extended play embodies the essence of a new wave of R&B music.

Formerly know to the world as R&B singer Sammie, Leigh Bush is an extension of the platinum-selling artist. Bush’s musical creations are fused with traditional R&B and enhance by melodic art. With the industry stigma of being a childhood star, Bush has made a step in a new direction – sultry, mature and unapologetically artsy.

“The Leigh Bush Project” for me is my moment to innovate,” said Bush. “To capture substance, passion and a sense of vulnerability all in one, which I feel is lacking in today’s R&B. I was inspired by the Marvin Gaye’s and Stevie Wonder’s, even the Maxwell’s of the world, just to name a few. He continued: “They approached music with such a free spirit and a sense originality. I was very honest and transparent with the content and emotion I conveyed and the instrumentation complemented my vocals harmonically.”

With the assistance of his Star Camp label signee, Doh Boy, The Bar Group’s J. Spruill, J-Kits and J. Wizzard and the executive producer of “The Leigh Bush Project” and owner of Songbook, which produced the likes of Trey Songz and Boyz II Men, Troy Taylor, the EP’s cohesiveness derives from family-oriented talent and diversified underground talent.

“I’m very proud of the sound sonically and the mood of the project,” Bush explained. “It was therapy for me and helped me accomplish my mission to touch the people with this project. I’d like it to provoke some type of emotion from the listener: be it love, pain, happiness or even sensuality.”

Leigh Bush is the definition of a gentleman and the epitome of class. The on-stage crooner displays an exceptional aura of dapperness in person and an aura that is undefined. Comprised of sweltering lyrics with an art-based melody and defining vocal arrangements, “The Leigh Bush Project” is out today! The piece of art is destined to set Leigh Bush apart from the underdog and to blend with the stars.

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