Tommy Ford, Dorien Wilson & Karyn White To Star in New Sitcom “Basketball Wife”


Basketball Wife” is a sitcom about a hot young couple determined to prove that love means more than good looks or a big bank account.

Based on the web comedy series “Who…“, “Basketball Wife” is single-camera tv comedy series about a pro athlete and his hot down-to-earth wife and what their life is like off of the court. Despite their fame and fortune, at the end of the day John & Deena Castle are just like any other couple when it comes to resolving problems, managing family and friends, and making sure the love that brought them together keeps them together. An Emmy-winning tv producer, creator Michael Ajakwe Jr.– also the founder of the Los Angeles Web Series Festival, the world’s first and largest all-web fest– iis determined to bring both audiences together by demonstrating the impact New Media storytelling can have on traditional storytelling through the process of adaptation by, essentially, experimenting with his own creation.

“Who…”, which airs on, is a micro-comedy series about two beautiful besties (Tina played by Nafeesa Monroe and Deena played by Shoneji Loraine) who meet every day for lunch at wealthy trophy wife Deena’s house and talk about people with a little help from their fellow childhood best friend-turned-Deena’s live-in metro man servant Jalil (played by Charles Reese). One of the few web series with a monetization component that resulted in it making back the majority of its budget $1 dollar at a time, “Who…” has 12 episodes (averaging about 6 minutes each) and an 18-minute behind-the-scenes video that foreshadows the tv series.

Originally called “Trophy Wife” during production and renamed “Basketball Wife” during post production, the single-camera comedy follows the fairly newly married John (Akeem Smith; John is only alluded to several times in the web series but never seen or heard) and Deena Castle (Diandra Lyle replacing Shoneji Loraine from the web series) as they adjust to being young, beautiful, and rich. To insure that they continue to maintain their level of affluence, Deena has hired childhood best friend Tina Richardson (Kimberly Dooley replacing Nafeesa Monroe from the web series) to be the family accountant and keep The Castles on a budget (futile as that may be); to insure their health, live-in chef Jalil Baldwin (Charles Reese in his original role from the web series)– who is also Deena’s uncle– prepares all of their meals and manages their home with the help of his assistant Marteen (Calo Rodriguez replacing comedian Francisco Ramos from the web series), a charming Colombian national with a heart of gold.

Surrounding the Castles in their gated community for the wealthy are other high-profile athletes like retired NBA star Mario “Super Mario” Shaw (Dorien Wilson former star of the hit tv comedies “Dream On” and “The Parkers”) and his funny feisty wife Loretta (Shoneji Loraine who played ‘Deena’ in the web series), former child tv star-turned-insurance dynamo Bobby Jingles (Tommy Ford former star of the hit sitcom “Martin” and hit drama “New York Undercover”), sexy single NBA baby mama with an MBA Kym Banks (veteran R&B singer Karyn White), prime time tv action star Robert Montana (Jaime Zevallos from the hit web series “Sam Has 7 Friends”) and his sexy wife CrystalL (Brazillian model/actress Laura Soares), and acerbic multi-faceted entrepreneur/Mansionhood Watch leader Jae Kwame Malt (played by ex-star of hit sitcoms like “The Parent Hood” and “One On One”) and his equally-entrepreneurial/sanctified wife Natash (Tiffany Snow).

“Basketball Wife” is Coming This Fall – Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Below!

  1. We need more tv shows instead of reality shows so I’ll support and I love Tommy he is a good actor.

  2. Love It. Every type of veiwer will enjoy this series. Expands over all gender type, nationality, age etc. a must see.

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