UB Review: The Comedy of The Summer “We’re The Millers”

We’re The Millers
New Line Cinema
In Theaters: August 7th

Jennifer Aniston – Rose O’Reilly
Jason Sudeikis – David Clark
Ed Helms – Brad Gurdlinger
Emma Roberts – Casey Mathis
Will Poulter – Kenny Rossmore
Mark L. Young – Scottie P


We’re The Millers” is far from your average comedy, it’s far from your average film period. Starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, when viewing the only thing you can expect..is the unexpected. UrbanBridgez.com viewed the film earlier this week and to say the least, this is easily the comedy of the year!

The story is about David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) an unapologetic mean-spirited guy who plays of all things, a drug dealer of dime-bags of marijuana. Something David has done since his college days. These days however, David is a single guy who happens to live in the same building as a local stripper Rose, played by Jennifer Aniston. A role many guys across the world have been waiting for the sexy star to play since her early days on the hit NBC sitcom “Friends.” Although neighbors, the two are not necessarily on the best of terms with each other and mid-way through the film we learn why.

One of their other neighbors in the building Brad (Ed Helms) is your not so average 18 year old teenager, who’s mother is M.I.A. and left him to fend for himself so to speak. When David is robbed for his drugs and money, partially the fault of Brad and a teenage runaway homeless girl Casey (Emma Roberts), in order to pay off his debt to his boss Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter) he comes up with the idea to create a fake family in order to sneak “a smidge” marijuana out of Mexico to not look suspicions to Border Patrol.

It takes some doing but David convinces Rose, Casey and Brad to play his wife and children and become The Millers. The plot thickens when it’s learned The Millers are not even expected in Mexico and find themselves running from drug lords in an RV, who believe the family has stolen their drugs. The story may be very unbelievable, however at times the offensively raunchy film makes you forget all about that while laughing at these characters and their random outbursts.

While trying their best to ditch the drug lords, the Millers mistakenly end up with a real family of a vacationing DEA agent who they can’t seem to shake. Throughout the film different characters are introduced and when Casey finds herself a wanna-be thug she’s falling for named Scottie P (Mark L. Young), one of the films most memorable is introduced — “You know what I’m saying?” If you see the film, you’ll get the latter part of that.

This film has so many unexpected one-liners & scenes, that it keeps you laughing from start to finish. From the film “Precious” being mentioned, a sing-along to TLC’s “Waterfalls,” a spider bite that leads to a graphic hilarious scene and a load of others.

Meet The Millers” again isn’t your typical film, with a realistic pot. However the film delivers in what it’s suppose to make you do…laugh! Don’t skip out when the credits roll either, the out-takes are just as hilarious.


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