UB Exclusive First Listen: Tion Phipps’ Debut Single “Break Necks”


Primco Management Inc., a fully integrated multi-media entertainment and real estate development company, is proud to announce that, in conjunction with its ongoing relationship with Phoenix 51, its ESMG Music Label is releasing Tion Phipps‘ debut Single “Break Necks” to iTunes on September 10th. UrbanBridgez.com has your first exclusive listen to the single today! Check it out above or the YouTube link below!

After almost 4 weeks of intensive set-up work at commercial radio, they’re pleased to announce that the radio impact date throughout the U.S. for the “Break Necks” single is today August 7th. This follows Tion Phipps‘ breakout live performance before an audience of 6,000 adoring fans at the Summer Splash Concert at Great America park, San Jose, California on August 2nd sponsored by 99.7FM.

With 12 million YouTube views, Tion Phipps at 18 is already a seasoned performer with his fresh sound blending Pop with R&B. With his diverse cultural background, and All American good looks, this singer, dancer and songwriter is turning heads. Music recorded by Tion Phipps is now being released through the ESMG/Top Sail Productions output deal with WEA/Warner Music Group.

We expect to have tremendous, groundbreaking support from commercial radio nationwide by adding the ‘Break Necks’ hit single to regular rotation commencing August 7 and building to the September 10 release date, when the single will be available through iTunes and all digital providers throughout the U.S. We are convinced that Tion Phipps will be the next superstar and will make a significant contribution to our third quarter results. This will be maximized through our collaboration with Joe Isgro and David Esterson’s Phoenix 51 with their marketing and promotion expertise,” said David Michery, President and CEO. “To our loyal shareholders, we are asking them to hold onto their seatbelts and enjoy the ride to soaring profits!”


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