UB First Look: Raheem Devaughn’s “A Place Called Loveland” Official Tracklisting


It’s often said that love makes the world go ‘round and three-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Raheem Devaughn knows that to be the truth. With the release of his fourth studio album, A Place Called Loveland. Raheem embraces the global theme while bringing his heart and soul into all tracks of his latest work of aural art. With songwriting collaborations with Ne-Yo and production via talents like Mario Winans, Carvin & Ivan, and Ne-Yo, Raheem proves why he is the “Love King.”

Reflecting on this new phase of his career, Raheem Devaughn recognizes that his process of “creating music is definitely getting more defined as I grow as an artist and songwriter. Sitting at a piano or guitar and building a song organically is what I’m about. For the past ten years I haven’t physically written anything
down on paper. It amazes me, it’s clearly a sign that the music doesn’t come from me; it comes through me. Every time I write a beautiful song, it lets me know that God exists

A Place Called Loveland reflects the growth of Raheem Devaughn vocally, mentally, spiritually and professionally. His quest for love is woven throughout each song, which he has crafted over the last year and states, “This album represents a voyage, an eclectic ride where melody meets passion,
a dimension of desire and orgasmic rescue in pleasure paradise
.” I am sure you will agree!

The album will be available September 3rd! The Ne-Yo assisted track “Ridiculous” is the second single following the release of “Love Connection.”

UrbanBridgez.com has your first exclusive look at the official tracklisting! Check it out and don’t miss Raheem when he comes to a city near you!

UB First Look: Official Tracklisting!
1. Interlude-Album Intro: Produced by Ivan Barias (Karma)
2. Love Connection: Produced by Carvin & Ivan and Kristal Oliver
3. Wrong Forever: Produced by Carvin & Ivan (Karma)
4. Interlude-Don’t Go: Produced by Dre King
5. Complicated: Produced by Carvin & Ivan (Karma)
6. Meantime: Produced by Jay Phoenix
7. Interlude-Rebirth: Produced by Dre King
8. Ridiculous: Produced by Ne-Yo and Compound
9. Pink Crush Velvet: Produced by Mario Winans
10. Interlude- Dear Love Queen: Produced by Mo Digga
11. Greatest Love : Produced by Mo Digga
12. Cry Baby: Produced by Adonis
13. Make A baby: Produced by RC
14. Like You: Produced by Dre King
15. Interlude-Happy: Produced by Dre King
16. Maker Of Love: (Boney James) (on the radio, also on BJ’s CD)

Tour Dates & Cities!
9/11 – Philadelphia
9/12 – New York City
9/13 – Baltimore
9/15 – Boston
9/17 – Detroit
9/19 – Cleveland
9/20 – Chicago
9/21 – Indianapolis
9/22 – Nashville/Charlotte
9/26 – Atlanta
9/27 – Jackson, MS
9/28 – New Orleans
9/29 – Houston
9/30 – Dallas
10/3 – Los Angeles
10/4 – San Francisco/Oakland
10/5 – Sacramento
10/6 – Seattle


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