Video: Coco Teaches “The Real” Hosts How to Booty Shake


Nicole “Coco” Austin shows off her talents on “The Real” as she teaches the hosts how to booty shake, also known as Twerking! Plus, the reality star reveals how she became sexually confident and what her husband, Ice-T, taught her. The ladies also discuss the hottest topics including the sexting scandal surrounding Anthony Weiner.

[quote cite=”Tamar: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself? Being on TV, being beautiful, everyone always has something crazy to say.

Coco: I think it just goes back to when I first got into the picture and I heard that I had booty implants, I was so taken aback because for the longest time I was trying to hide my butt so then they’re saying I had something but then I took it as a compliment because then I was thinking, if it looks that good…

Adrienne and the rest of the girls feel Coco’s butt

Tamar: I bet you can twerk real good!

Coco demonstrates her Twerking…

Coco: It’s such a new name, Twerk. It’s booty shaking! …

Coco demonstrates twerking again

Jeannie: I get it now! …

Coco: You have to have a combination of muscle and a little shaking.”]

[quote cite=”Jeannie: How did you become so confident in your sexuality?

Coco: Like I said, I was a tomboy and I started noticing I could get a lot out of people at a certain date. I was like, 18, (and thought) wait a second, I can work with these curves. But I really kind of hide my hips. I hated my hips. Now, I flaunt it. I was always flaunting my boobs. I loved my boobs. I bought them at 18. I loved them. I was taking away from the hip area. I was covering it up and it wasn’t till I got with my husband, Ice. He’s the one, I give him credit for me being me to this day because he’s the one who’s like, ‘You have something to work with, work it. It’s unique.’

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