New Video: Al’Michael’s “The Reason”


Al’Michael grew up in Columbia, MO, in a spiritual and musical family environment. His mother a teacher and his father a contractor, family has always been an important part of his life. His first music performance experience was singing in church choir as a child, under the direction of his mother, who recognized his singing talent early on and helped develop his powerful soulful voice. Influenced by the likes of Boys II Men, Donnie Hathaway, Rascal Flatts, Usher and Michael Jackson. Singing, songwriting and performing quickly became a passion to which he dedicated most of his time while growing up.

Struggling with a learning disability in school, Al’Michael found music to be his main driver of confidence and success. During his high school years, Al’Michael also excelled in athletics as a star basketball player, but ultimately had to choose whether to focus on sports or music. His heart was set on pursuing a career as a performing artist. Throughout his teenage years, Al’Michael often travelled to St. Louis after school for contests and auditions, where he was introduced to other local talent. He was part of several pop/R&B groups for the next few years. During that time Al’Michael endured his most challenging times, not having any money, sleeping in cars, moving around between places, and dealing with corruptive music industry people.

In early 2012 Al’Michael moved to LA to embark on a solo career to create an album that utilizes elements of soul-pop, electronica and live instrumentation to revolutionize the sound of pop music as we know it! His lyrics tell a story of love, struggle, self-discovery and exposes the demons that we all face within us. Look out for his album in the making “Head vs Heart”!

Check out his new video for the track “The Reason.”

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