Video: Dawn Robinson & Kelly Price in “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” Teaser


Not Your Mama’s Monologues is a stage show written by Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson, and directed by Torrey Russell (Founder of Broadway In The Hood) with musical direction by Grammy Award Winner Anthony “Shep” Crawford is at times hilarious, brutal, disconcerting, poignant and is the raw result and actual account of moments in the lives of two of R&B music’s leading ladies Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price.

Robinson lights up the live theater stage with her unique perspective on what it’s like to finally find her own voice in an industry where she was forced to remain silent, while Price recounts a moment in her childhood that changed her life, and shaped her view of people, relationships, and her self-image.

This gripping evening of songs and monologues is guaranteed to take you on a journey that is both entertaining and enlightening. The human experience is one we all share and this evening is dedicated to anyone who dares to live, love, learn and heal through it all!

Check Out The Teaser Video!
(full production of this theatrical jewel coming to the stage soon!)

  1. Not Your Mama’s Monologues was amazing, exciting, moving, personal, and emotional. This clip is great, but really hoping its put on DVD. I went to support Dawn and got to meet Kelly Price. I know what amazing person Dawn is, but got to see how amazing Kelly is also.

  2. Sorry but this was whack and you guys should’ve stayed with the other girls cause Kelly your nasty attitude has backfired please remove this garbage it needs to be dumped and Dawn you really don’t matter go away!

  3. Putting sisters on blast is really nothing I have ever been into. But seeing these two women lower themselves the way that they have well it is embarassing.
    Not only Miss Kelly have you been dishonest and decieving ( Let’s face it you were just using EVERBODY ) you had no one’s back but your own.

  4. I refuse to even watch the teaser because of Kelly’s attitude and Dawn still is demostrating that she doesn’t have a backbone of her own smh

  5. I didn’t like Kelly and dawn’s Monologues…I think the other lady’s Monologues was alot better…I’m glad lil Mo and the other lady’s did there own thing…

  6. What is this???? Confession-logues, conversation-logues, testimony-logues??? Are we in church? Nice try, but Mo and them were 10,000 times better. Nicci, I mean, Kelly…GOD doesn’t like selfishness. You blame editing on how you were portrayed…you should’ve edited yourself instead of letting us see your true self. Dawn….um…you are the scarecrow in the wizard of oz…Wasn’t he looking for a brain????

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