Tamar Readies Debut Streamline/Epic Records Release


When Tamar Braxton thinks about her music career thus far, one moment always sticks out.
I was 14-years-old, and I was singing background vocals for my sister Toni,” she recalls. “Whitney
Houston and Bobby Brown came to a show, and she kept pointing to the stage and talking. Afterwards, I
humbly introduced myself to Whitney. She said, ‘Your voice is amazing! You’re going to be a star.’ When
she passed, I had this feeling. She never got to hear any of my songs, and I thought about that a lot while
I was making this record

Experiences like that have shaped Braxton’s music immensely, leading up to, Love and War, her second
full-length album and first for Streamline Records (due this summer). The singer-and-songwriter transfers those moments into impassioned and impactful songs with true soul. It’s heartfelt, and it’s honest. It’s Tamar Braxton.

In early 2012, she made a decision to return to the studio. Twelve years had passed since her major label
debut, Tamar, but it finally felt right to delve into making music again. The artist had already endured
the changing tides of the business and its tumultuous nature. This time, she wasn’t going to bend for
anyone or hold anything back.

“This is the first record where my music has truly reflected who I am,” she affirms. “One night when I
was in the studio, everything clicked. I found the sound I’d been looking for within myself for years. I
never had a chance to go as deep as I did. I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I have to be me. The
vocals just poured out of me.”

One of the songs she cut that evening was the title track and first single. She co-wrote the lyrics with
legendary writer LaShawn Daniels, and it examines the push and pull of a relationship as well as how
real love can weather any storm. Over a slow sultry beat, Braxton’s soulful delivery simply captivates.
“I’d experienced love, but I never experienced passion until I met my husband,” reveals Braxton. “It’s a
true reflection of our relationship. We fight hard, but we love even harder. We get through everything,
and we keep going strong. That’s the reality of what we have. I think a lot of people will be able to
identify with it.”

They’re also going to be able to identify with “Hot Sugar”. It’s a sizzling and sexy jam that’s as playful as it
is potent. She smiles, “I’m basically saying to my man, ‘You miss me. You can’t live without my sugar and
kisses.’ This is my fun side. It’s high-energy, but I’m still expressing myself.”Music isn’t the only way that Braxton expresses herself though. She produces and stars in the hit Braxton Family Values. Originally created and spearheaded by Braxton, the show’s first season became the highest-rated reality show on WEtv. In addition, she co-stars alongside her significant other Vince Herbert on WEtv’s Tamar & Vince. As a host, she can be seen regularly talking what’s hot and happening in pop culture on Tameka Cottle’s Tiny’s Tonight on VH1 and Culture List on Centric.

At the same time, Braxton juggles her very own fashion line, “Get Your Life”. Since its 2012 launch, the
brand dedicated to “real chicks”—as its creator eloquently puts it—has enjoyed immense success.
Envisioned, designed, and overseen by Braxton, the “Get Your Live” inventory consistently sells out
online, and the vision is only expanding.

“I’m a Pisces so I can’t help but be creative,” she continues. “These are all different pursuits, but they
come from the same place for me. I’m very blessed to live my dreams.”

However, that first dream of becoming a singer is coming true like never before right now. “I sing
because I have no other choice,” concludes Braxton. “Since I was 5-years-old, I’ve loved to sing.
Obviously, I hope it’s entertaining, but I really want people to get something from it. That’s the best I can

Whitney Houston would be proud…

  1. Tamar interview in sightful she spoken about Whitney before she passed. Nippy knew right alone with bobby. She. Going to stick around for the long hule. I’m liking the one. I can’t wait for the disc to come out. A honest project from a Grown Woman .

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