Dawn Robinson Joins “R&B Divas L.A” and Announces GLAMM


Dawn Robinson, former member of En Vogue and Lucy Pearl joins the Los Angeles cast of R&B Divas. Known for her sultry voice, sexy style, and fiery personality Dawn is prepared to open up and speak freely about her amazing success with En Vogue, and the ups and downs of life after leaving a multi-platinum group. The show starts taping this month and is slated for a third quarter debut.

Once a member of one of the hottest groups in the 90’s, she truly made her presence known among the talented quartet and became a fan favorite. Her distinct voice can be heard on many of the groups hits including “Don’t Let Go,” “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” “Never Gonna Get It,” “Hold On,” and “Free Your Mind.” The group sold over 28 million records worldwide, garnered multiple platinum albums, several awards, and the honor of being named one of the most successful Girl Groups of all time.

Dawn is positioning herself for an explosive comeback. She is excited about R&B Divas LA, and the talented cast. . Never one to shy away from setting the record straight and laying it on the line, she will talk freely about her experience with the group, but doesn’t intend to dwell on the past. Where her life is taking her is her focus for the show and her incredible journey back to the top of the charts.

Ready to begin a new chapter in life she faces fears that affect people from all walks; am I good enough, can I have it all, and where do I go from here?

Being a part of En Vogue was an amazing experience. The group achieved a level of success that few music groups ever achieve and for that I am humbled and grateful, but now it’s time to focus on Dawn and where my path will lead me. Being a cast member of R&B Divas LA is going to be an incredible opportunity for me to hang with women I respect and who understand the difficulties associated with re-inventing yourself in this industry,” said Dawn.

Musically, the world is familiar with Dawn of En Vogue and Lucy Pearl, but there is so much more to Dawn Robinson; Woman, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Author and Designer. She is prepared to take the entertainment industry by storm with all her new projects, including the development of her own girl group “GLAMM.” Dawn is finally in a place in her life where there is clarity and confidence. Her new journey will catapult her to yet another level of success and she invites the world to join her.

  1. I have a feeling Dawn will find a way to ruin this like she ruined Envoge, Lucy Pearl, her marriage, and her solo deal. Not to mention the reunion a couple years ago. And what happened to Heirs Dawn? Maxine not dealing with you now? Last resort for all washed up ex stars is definitely reality tv. Bless her heart. Nasty people never find anything but what she seems to attract in life. Self destruction.


  2. Suzanne have you heard what went on or are you just parroting tabloids etc.

    Just saw Maxine and Dawn at Blues Alley in DC in January at a tight show so all the talk of her ruining stuff is silly ESPECIALLY when Maxine backed her when it came to En Vogue and LEFT herself when the business wasn’t right. I don’t expect any artist to stay in a situation that is not right for them, Dawn included. Also another En Vogue member’s solo project was released BEFORE Dawn’s and tanked so the label tried to go back on the agreement to release Dawn’s solo project.

    Also if ANYONE is talking about the Dr. Dre situation they need to realize that that man can’t drop HIS OWN RECORD. Look at the production credits for Eminems stuff and you’ll see that Dre isn’t all over it like before and when he is it’s other producers that he stamps his name on now AFTER the work is mostly completed.

    I just don’t get all this hate for a lead singer of a killing female R&B group.

    1. I agree with Fan. You can’t hate Dawn for not staying in the group at any cost. After their success in 1990, En Vogue should have tore up their original contract. A new contract would have benefited the group instead of the people around them. Finally, the ladies should have been more of a unit against the greedy people surrouding them. Without the original members in the group, the current line up for En Vogue will never have a contract, but continue performing old hits with a girl who never recorded any of the hits.

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