New Music: Jayy Perry Debuts “Speedin”


“This song is about that feeling you get when you just have to be with someone. In the song, I’ve had a little too much to drink and I’m calling the person I want to see while I’m speeding to get there. It’s definitely a feel good song, and I’m telling you, it makes you want to speed.”

Check out “Speedin” the debut single from Jayy Perry produced by Pierre Medor, the first single from her upcoming EP.


Influenced by the likes of Lauryn Hill and Drake; Jayy Perry takes full advantage of studying her musical peers’ soulful voices, songwriting ability, and versatility. She specifically admires Frank Ocean for his freshness and fearlessness and acknowledges Beyoncé` for paving an amazing path for R&B women. In addition to R&B, Jayy adds to her lyrical content and style from the influences of rap artist; admiring their audacity and lyrical bluntness. She desires most to be the kind of singer who isn’t afraid to say what she wants. Jay’s influences inspired her to cover some of their music. Her covers of Drake, Frank Ocean, and Lauryn Hill among others, has gained her YouTube channel over 3.5 million views!


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