New Video: Yung Nate’s “No One Knows”


Yung Nate uses Harlem, NY as the backdrop for his brand new video “No One Knows,” directed by NoSleepPro. “No One Knows” is featured on Yung Nate’s upcoming 11:04 re-released mixtape, and was produced by Eli Mesi.

Yung Nate has been through it all. Label deals, big shows, releasing his albums to a wide-spread audience and even uprooting himself from his home in New York, moving to California to develop his craft. Nate grew up in Harlem, NY and had a musical influence at a very young age. His father was a DJ and his mother worked at Jive Records, an industry powerhouse servicing major urban artists.

Fast forward to 2012, Yung Nate has released 2 full-length albums (“I Heart YN” & “Meant To Be Broken”) with his long-time collaborator Woody, reaching a widespread audience nationally and around the world. His unique style, blending Hip Hop with other genres of music such as Pop and even Rock, has created Nate’s signature sound. A bright future awaits this young man, only 22 years old, with aspirations of pursuing acting, fashion and other creative opportunities in the years to come.


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