Young Brooklyn Filmmakers Produce Hilarious New Web Series “Brett and the City”

Brett and the City, the hilarious new web series by Brooklyn based hipsters, Brett Sanders, Darren Mallett (second year student at The New School), and Ben Logan, recently launched Episode 2 – Caught Between a Monkey and a Hard Place, on Monday, August 13 at 8:00pm EST.  The alternative black comedy is based on the wildly popular biographical blog by humorist and comedy writer, Brett Sanders started in 2009 to chronicle those ‘only in New York’ moments a newbie encounters upon moving to the big city.  With Brett’s comic style constantly being compared by many of his readers as a cross between early Richard Pryor and Woody Allen (an unlikely duo), the blog garnered both national and international attention in a short time, including celebrity nods from the likes of Malcolm Jamal Warner, The Wayans, and authors like renowned hip-hop feminist, and cultural critic Joan Morgan.  Readers wanted more, connecting with the writer on social media requesting, time and time again to see the blog pages come to life on screen.  It was that demand, as well as the collective and individual talents of the three friends that helped launch the series of webisodes. 

Episode 2 follows the successful premiere of the series in mid-July.  A private screening event held in the East Village was New York’s first look at this laugh out loud, raw, and sometimes raunchy comedy.  Over 150 tastemakers, industry professionals and longtime followers of the site attended the invitation only event for Episode 1 – Meet Brett, which introduces audiences to the main character, confidently incompetent social misfit Brett Sanders, a bumbling copier salesman, whose best friend is Bobo, a purple sock monkey he confides to daily.  Set in the landscape of Brooklyn, the situational comedy follows the life of a new resident, (Brett) played by Brett Sanders, obsessed with making his mark in the big city.  Viewers, for 15 minutes experience a typical day at the office for this character, which is filled with a string of mishaps (he creates) in his quest to make it big and conquer the love of his life – Chantrell.

“I’m loving this new diverse face of Black comedy we’re experiencing,” said Brett in a recent interview. “With shows like The Eric Andre Show; Awkward Black Girl; Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, and now Brett and the City, the world finally gets to see a side of us that has yet to be shown by main stream Hollywood. They get to see us as witty, complex, quirky, and multidimensional people who, Oh yeah… just happens to be Black.”

In the much anticipated second episode, Bobo turns up missing and Brett suspects everyone, going to extremes to find the culprit, including an emergency visit to his therapist, Dr. Jones, played by Lindsey Gentile that does more harm than good.  Tune in NOW for yet another no holds bar episode of Brett and the


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