Keke Palmer Releases New Video to “Dance Alone” & Brandy Shares Interest in Working with Keke

It’s here, the brand new hot video from KeKe Palmer for the just as hot track “Dance Alone.” The song is produced by Harmony “HMoney” Samuels and co-written by Edwin “Lil Eddie” Serrano and will appear on Keke‘s upcoming self-titled mixtape.

The song is saying I’m trying to get this guy, I don’t want to dance alone, come dance with me. It has a bit of an influence of “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. The song has a very masculine feel to it, so I thought it was important to capture that visually in my dance moves and in the way that I look, yet still finding a way to be feminine. It’s me chasing this guy who isn’t totally feeling me, so it’s kind of like I’m trying to feel him out and show him how I am to get him to come dance with me,” Keke said recently about the song.

In other Keke news, Brandy recently shared with UB her desire to work with Keke on a future project. “I was telling my guy the other day, I was like babe I got to find out how I can work with Keke. What can I do, should we do a TV show together, a song. So I definitely want to collaborate with her in the near future, like really near. She’s so great and she reminds me so much of me. It’s like looking in a mirror when I watch her. She’s so classy and such a role model. She’s real, it doesn’t seem like she’s trying to be too perfect like I was trying to be when I was younger. It’s more like, she’s still being herself all the way. She’s just classy and she’s on the right path,” said Brandy.

When we spoke to Keke last year, she was just as interested in working with Brandy, specifically on music saying. “I would love to, but she would blow me out the water and I’ll let people know that immediately (laughs). Before we record the record, I’ll be saying she’s gonna blow me out the water but that’s okay (laughs). I just love, I love that voice! That voice, that’s how I know when people are good singers or talented or know music when they can appreciate Brandy. Some people don’t know about her, you know what I’m saying. Some just don’t know…” Keke went on to say, “I have to ask people sometimes like have you ever listened to a Brandy album? Put on ‘Never-SAY-Never,’ Full Moon,’ one of the best albums! Wow, so I would absolutely love to do a record with her, something with her. She’s brilliant!”

Let’s hope these two amazing talents get in the studio or on a set together really soon!

  1. Keke is dancing for dear life in this video I loves. I hope her and Brandy work together it would be great to see.

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