New Music: Winston Warrior Drops “Elevator (Intimate Mix)”


We all experience love. Whether new love, young love or settle-in love, it’s phases wax and wane, rising toward the next plateau to only rise again. Love is varied, unpredictable and intense. Refreshed and
remixed from the original track for his upcoming sophomore album “Lifeology 101…Back 2 School,” Winston Warrior‘s “Elevator” speaks to love at it’s highest plane of intimacy where attraction can no longer be denied or delayed.

Produced by MegaStarz out of Miami, Winston Warrior brings passionate vocals embraced in tingling and teasing background bells and percussion. Check it out!

[Available on iTunes Now]

Atlanta born and truly Southern raised, Winston Warrior painfully lost his virginity to the music industry in the ‘90s. As an original member of the break-out R&B group, Lo’ Profile, Winston’s budding music career was promising and longevity was the plan. They already had two hit singles, “Missing You” and “Play Melody” on radio rotation and garnered much local industry acclaim as one of the hottest male groups in Miami and South Beach. Winston, along with his group-mates, were frequently booked as opening acts for major artists such as Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Dru Hill, Soul 4 Real, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. With packed venues, a growing fanbase, and a successful audition with an influential player in the game, all of the group’s hurdles had been cleared with grace. Success, however, never comes easily and it soon became apparent how crucial a role ulterior motives had played in their achievements and the group split up as the harsh realities of the world were too great for their dream to survive.

While the collaborative dream did not make it to fruition, the ever-present longing for Winston to create and fulfill his artistic goals never dissipated. He was now armed with a business degree from the University of Miami (The U) and had plenty of production and performance experience under his belt to pursue a path in marketing. Although not in the spotlight as before, success in Winston’s corporate endeavors soon followed and he was able to make new as well as retain the strong industry connections he had from his showman days. Hesitant, however, to reemerge as a musician because he had been away from the game for so long, Winston’s insecurities overshadowed his desire to sing. Fortunately, Winston’s support system was instrumental in encouraging him to reconnect with his music.

What began a couple of years ago as Winston’s rebirth has now brought him full circle as he is once again emerges as an R&B artist. This time, however, he is wiser and in complete control of his artistic vision. No longer a teenage singer, Winston is more mature. The sound of his music harkens back to the sounds of one-name legends like Luther, Freddie, Teddy, Barry, Stevie, Michael and Donny. Winston’s music is a fusion of smooth hip hop beats and harmonic R&B themes, coined by him as “Vintage R&B.”