Video: Teaser for T*Melle’s & Waka Flocka’s “Go To War”

Check out the new teaser video for T*Melle featuring Waka Flocka‘s single “Go To War.” The video/mini-movie will be released shortly. Also check out her new single “Pill” from T*Melle & Future‘s new Mixtape “Welcome To Mollyworld.” Stay turned for an exclusive UB feature on T*Melle coming soon!

T*Melle’s talents started to take form when she was discovered and placed in a local talented group that caught the eye of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (member of TLC). During this time, Lisa and other industry notables started to coin T*Melle as the “standout member of the group”. This time in T*Melle’s life was both a blessing and tragedy. Although she was ecstatic as the youngest member of the group to be amongst an industry icon developing her career. But it all seem to come to a halt when a car accident in Honduras caused the untimely death of her mentor Left Eye.

Wounded and heartbroken for the loss of Lisa, T*Melle’s life was forever changed. Not only was she faced with the reality that she may never walk again after countless surgeries to her left leg and hip, she was confined to a wheel chair with rods and screws. The slight possibility that she could walk again was all that it took for her to dig deep and rely upon her inner strength.

T*Melle trusted and willed herself through 1 ½ years of therapy and gained the strength in her leg she need to restart her career goals. These trials and tribulations have made T*Melle more of the self determined individual she is today.

Dynamic records such as “Fall Back” and “Go To War” ft. Waka Flocka, where there is no doubt of her vocal capacity to deliver heart wrenching songs. Her street edge is evident because she speaks to males as well as females, and her vocal are top notch putting her in a lane of her own.

Her music and her sound is ground breaking, with a slick street edge, delivering topics relatable to the everyday person. Her platform includes issues about economic struggles, low self esteem, love and just being young having fun.

If there were words to describe T*Melle, there would be 3 that sum her up. They would be Empowerment, Determination, and Survival.


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