Meet-N-Greet: Micah Kiyo

You’re not sure where she’s from, but there seems to be a familiar and comfortable air about her. Yeah, she’s beautiful — but she doesn’t wear it. There is something more to Micah Kiyo than meets the eye!

Getting to know her, you realize that the “IT” about her, is found in her highly charged confidence, and her unwavering ability to just be herself. She is humorously genuine, and disarms you with her powerfully energetic laugh. Is this what a real star is made of? Talent is a definite factor, but when your have your own brand of Swag, that is what sets you apart from the pack. Fortunately for Micah Kiyo, she has an abundance of both.

Micah Kiyo is driven, sold-out, and has been organizing her team to go to battle without restraint. She works strategically regarding business opportunities, and passionately steers her artistic expression and indie career path.

The hot-mix of all that is African-American and contemporary Asian, Micah Kiyo is defining her own brand of global Pop. Note, that she was signed to a Super Producer then decided to do it a different way — Her Own! Now, ready to share her own trademark sound, she is destined to win, and win big.


Check out “Superhero Boots
[audio:|titles=Superhero Boots]


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