Summer of R&B Interview Series: Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Co-Star K. Michelle Speaks to UB

With each notes she sings, lyric she writes or piano key she strikes, songstress K. Michelle speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, K. Michelle understands that part of being a noteworthy new artist isn’t just possessing talent but having something to say.

K. Michelle doesn’t take for granted the opportunity she has to show the world who she really is—a fighter, a single mother, a true musician. “[Pain Medicine] is my story. If I have this platform it has to be my story.”

Known for such singles as “Fakin It” featuring Missy Elliott and “How Many Times.” K. Michelle who recently parted ways with her former label Jive Records is currently co-starring in VH1‘s highest rated new reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Not that she’s put her music behind her, she recently released her highly anticipated mixtape “0 F**ks Given” which has received rave reviews!

Recently K. Michelle spoke to about her new found fame on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she responds to reports that the show is scripted as well as her non beef with cast member Karlie. K. also speaks on her new mixtape “0 F**ks Given,” what she learned from R. Kelly and much more!

——————————- Before we get into the your new found TV fame, that’s well deserved! Let’s talk about this new mixtape! First off why the title?
K. Michelle: It’s really just about where I am in my life. It’s about my opinion of myself and I could really care less what others have to say about my music or about me. This mixtape is being called the best of the year…
K. Michelle: Thank you! How did you decide what tracks you wanted to include on it?
K. Michelle: I do so much music, I mean literally I have a ton of music and alot of those songs I had already did. I did a couple of new ones, but alot of them are just older records. So to me if people love that music, I can’t wait for them to hear the new music and the growth of me. Because that music is nothing compared to the new music. “Go Off” is obviously aimed at someone or a few, what made you want to put that out and address it on a track?
K. Michelle: If I didn’t learn anything from R. Kelly, is it’s you can speak through the music. Alot of jabs in the media were taken towards me and I really haven’t said alot. I told my story and defended myself, so it’s like once you said what you had to say it’s not alot. I always write what I’m going through in life, so I sing about it all. So that was another issue and I sang about it. The acapella beginning on ‘We Mobbin” is vicious! Another one of my favs on the mixtape, you will clearly say anything on a track. As a vocalist, that’s rare. What makes you such a free spirit on wax?
K. Michelle: Really because I’m a free spirit everyday! People have how they think an R&B artist is suppose to act. I just don’t do that, I do what I want to do and I’m just me. “Ghost” is an amazing song, constantly on repeat, them vocals just do it everytime. Where does songs like that come from?
K. Michelle: R. Kelly wrote that one for me, you know it’s like they just listen to your story and see where you’re at and what you’re going through. So I didn’t do a writing collab with that one, but yeah I love the record and he did it for me. As a fan since the beginning for tracks like “Fakin It” with Missy, “How Many Times,” etc. You have proved the grind is real! What motivates you to keep pushing when you’ve dealt with so much already in this business?
K. Michelle: I still love music and I still love what I go through or whatever. It makes you stronger when you’re doing it for the music and not for approval. You really don’t consider it any kind of way. What’s the latest with a label home for you?
K. Michelle: No, not yet. I haven’t even taken any label meetings as of right now. Alright let’s get into it! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, first off what made you want to even be apart of this show?
K. Michelle: I like how it’s set up and how it trails to stories of women. I thought it was something good for me because I do have a story. It was an opportunity for me to really tell my story to people. What’s the 411 on the beef with Karlie, what does it really stem from and can you see you two calling a truce in the near future?
K. Michelle: Well there’s really no beef with Karlie, she has no receipts. And it doesn’t make sense to fight with someone who can’t help you! So there really isn’t any beef, I should just take that up with her parents. What’s the hardest part about filming?
K. Michelle: The hardest part about filming is getting your hair done…everyday! But it’s paying off because people seem to like my hair. Alot of people have been saying the show is scripted, Mona Scott recently shut those rumors down, but what do you have to say to those who think you guys are acting oppose to just living?
K. Michelle: Well if we were acting and I was an actress, I would be asking for some more money. With acting you get more money. It’s not a scripted show, people go through what they go through. People are going to say anything, specially when it’s about reality. So it had to be something that they found and stuck with. What would you like for people to get from this show when they watch, more importantly when your fans tune in to see K?
K. Michelle: I just want them to know me, you know what I’m saying. They’re not going to get to see alot of me because it’s not just my show. But you do get to see alot more than what you saw before. So I just want them to know the music I sing and who I am is very genuine and it is who I am. What’s next for you?
K. Michelle: Just opening up my business, a nail bar in Memphis where I’m from and being a mom. Deciding where I’m going to take my music to and what I’m going to do next. Anything else you want to leave with your fans?
K. Michelle: Thank you! Because I really do have some fans that do not play when it comes to me, they will tear you to shreds. So I want to tell them, good job and keep doing it (laughs)!

[Download] “0 F**ks Given”

  1. I luv me some k. Michelle been a fan before the show and luv her music hope to see her on season 2 of. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ???

  2. I like her she seems like the only one on the show where her personality is really her. The mix tape is downloading I haven’t heard it yet.

  3. I really enjoy K. Michelle on the show- she’s funny and genuine. She also really talented and I wish that she get that record deal and further her success.
    To Miss Michelle go get yours and do you because haters will always hinder you- Don’t let them.

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