Willie Taylor Confirms to UB — There is No More Day 26

Last night (June 11th) on Twitter, thousands of followers of Day 26 members Willie Taylor and Brian Angel saw a heated exchange between the members. In some of the exchanges it was hinted that Brian was no longer in the group and later hinted that Day 26 as group was no more. Today we spoke with Willie in support of our Summer of R&B Interview Series and his upcoming mixtape “The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor” and asked him about the future of Day 26.

Well the one thing that I will say about Day 26, they will always be one of the most talented groups that I’ve ever listened to. I’m not just saying that because I was apart of it, take me away and I would still say that about the guys it was created with. The thing is in business things changed and I’m not out here pointing fingers but we’re going to wait…that’s going to be a whole other interview where we get all the way down to the nitty gritty of it. But I got love for all of the brothers, but as of now there is no more Day 26. However who knows what the future will hold, maybe we’ll come back and do a reunion thing, who knows. Right now I just want to concentrate solely on “The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor,” I can’t stop. I didn’t know any of the guys before the show, we met through a competition, our grinds are totally different. We found a place where we can work together and we did it. It was about the fans and making the fans happy. I was there till the very end and I want everybody to know I was there all the way to the end! Me and the remaining members came to the decision that we needed to just go on and do our own thing. Just know I was there and once we come up with something that we want to make public, y’all will have it there. But there is no more Day 26!

UrbanBridgez.com also asked Willie if they were to get back together, who would be in the group?

I’m not a petty person so I would bring Que, Mike, Brian, Rob and myself, everybody, because that’s who people grew to love through the television show and the first two albums, so I would bring it all back. I honestly don’t even think it would make sense without it all. Right now, they all have my support and I hope I have theirs. I just want the fans to know I was there to the end, never missed a show, always in the studio and never late, because I believed in the brand. I guess when the real story comes out and fans get the chance to hear it they will further know the truth. One thing you might have noticed if you was paying attention to the Twitter thing yesterday is I felt like I went overboard. But me being human my mind was telling me man this is childish, don’t do it. My finger was something else, like I’m not going to let this dude you know (laughs)…so I know it was wrong when I was doing it. I know with me being alot more vocal than other members of the group, alot of things come back to me because I’ve always been more of the voice of the group. So when I do speak some people think I’m trying to be the boss of stuff and it’s never been that. I’m just a workaholic and I go hard and I go hard for the brand. I guess anybody would like me to be in their corner, if you’re a hard worker you want someone to go hard with you. I think that’s why I catch the majority of the flak when it comes to break-ups.

So there you have it Day 26 is no longer together, hopefully they do come back in the future and lace us with at least one more album with all of the group members.

Check back soon for the full interview with Willie Taylor as he speaks on the reason he feels the group didn’t work out, what the main problem was and why he thinks coming together not knowing each other played the biggest role in their break-up. Willie also talks about his mixtape “The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor,” a possible video for his new instant smash “Instagram – Ya Body,” his acting career, the future of his brand Novak and much more!

  1. This is some news I didnt want to hear I mean how many more rnb male groups are there right now and nobody better not say mindless fuckin behavour. Welp I guess I’ll bump my Day 26 cds today in memorial. Rip

  2. Im happy willie showed positivy towards the other guys cuz after those tweets I didn’t think they would ever be cool again. I hope they do come bak 2gether all of em and make one bomb ass record the fans deserve that atleast. Ill continue to support all of them in whatever they do

  3. The way Willie spoke and wished everyone the best while taking responsibility for how he was being last night in twitter is commendable. Sometimes I think we do forget these celebs are human and they react sometimes in anger like we all do.

    As for Day 26 I think we all seen this coming in some form. I wish them all the best and I look forward to the interview and his mix tape.

  4. WILLIE TAYLOR is a fraud!!! First it was Que now when they lose their deal they Blame Brian. MANAGEMENT SUCKS!!! WILLIE KNEW THIS WAS COMING AND HE MSLED THE FANS

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