Meet-N-Greet: Social Network(K) Premieres Debut Video

As of 2012, there are over 800 million active users of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Many would agree that it is the prime mode of communication of our time. This rang to be true for the men of Social Networkk.

It all started with an idea that led to a Facebook status which led to an inbox message. The rest is history. Four guys from different parts of the country (Arizona, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania) from four different walks of life used the power of social media to come together to produce some of the best pop music in the industry and for their generation. Ruba Wilson, a young Hollywood host, had a dream to form a boy band that combined catchy Pop with soulful R&B for their fans to sing and dance to. Although there are thousands of young Hollywood hopefuls in his contact list, he took to the social media sites. Through Twitter, he connected with actor/singer/dancer, Max Ehrich (High School Musical 3: Senior Year), who was immediately on board. It was not until a couple of months later that messages showed up in the inboxes of full-time business major, Jobob Taeleifi and actor/singer, Cy Jones, who both thought the idea was genius and instantly said yes. a long period of Internet communication, the boys met for the first time in the studio earlier this year to record their first hit single, “It’s True”. Something amazing happened and after finalizing their first single, everyone in the room knew Social Networkk was born.

It’s True (I Luv U) is a remake of the 1989 controversial Milli Vanilli smash hit “Girl You Know It’s True”, and the idea was birthed back in April 2011 when Ruba got called up on the stage at pop icon Prince’s concert. The artist who boasts more than 50 Billboard chart singles took one look at him at said into the microphone, “Milli Vanilli, is that you?” Ruba had always been told that he resembled Fab of the Grammy winning duo due to his trademarked dreadlocks, but this was confirmation. Taking the original melody and adding in a dance bass line and stellar harmonies, along with all new verses and an original rap bridge, It’s True (I Luv U) is a trailblazer in Contemporary Old School and is sure to put Social Network(K) on the map.


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