Tyler Perry’s Aunt Bam’s Place Starring Paris Benet & Taral Hicks Comes to DVD Tomorrow

There’s nothing quite like a family gathering – especially with Madea’s main accomplice, Aunt Bam. Expect the unexpected when Tyler Perry’s hard- hitting new musical, Tyler Perry’s Aunt Bam’s Place (The Play), comes to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand tomorrow (June 12th). Taped in front of a live audience during its exclusive 3-day run in Atlanta, the show stars a cast of fan favorites including Cassi Davis (TV’s “House of Payne”), Melonie Daniels (HBO’s “Angels in America”) and Paris Bennett (TV’s “American Idol”). Featuring seven original songs by Tyler Perry and Elvin Ross.

When family’s falling out, it’s time to call in Aunt Bam to set a few things straight! It all begins when Bam’s favorite nephew-in-law, Stewart is granted weekend visitation with his children. He and his new wife are thrilled at the chance — until Stewarts’ drunken ex shows up with trouble in mind. Now it’s up to Bam to calm things down in this high-spirited new play from Tyler Perry.

The complete cast includes Cassi Davis, Melonie Daniels, Paris Bennett, Jeffrey Lewis, Taral Hicks and Maurice Lauchner.

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds Will Also be Available on DVD June 12th!

  1. Although TP put together a brand new cast. He got singers who are mediocre actors instead of actorrs who can sing. If this was a oprea musical where the actors sang for 2hrs… My review would be different.

    The theme was under developed. Plot melodramtic. Actors lackluster. In essence “Aunt Bam’s Place” is… WHACK! However the non-actors made a decent attempt to be any good with what they had to work with in regards to the script.

    In conclusion “Bam” is a sidekick and should have stayed as such. Not worth her own show. This was thrown together to make money from DVD sales (genius btw) because this production didn’t tour.

    I can’t hate. Until TP has some competition this is what we get. Welp David E. Talbert is bringing it… A great producer in his own right. Let’s give credit where credit it due, both men have different approaches. But one has moved away from the “chitterling circuit” while…

    Oh gee didn’t I say “in conclusion” like 2 paragraphs ago?

    Okay… Done!

      1. That’s their opinion i loved the play and the acting was fine, the music was great and the plot was pretty interesting the point is don’t trust others opinions

  2. I thought the play was good, but it could have been better. I feel that Mr Perry did not do a lot to promote this play as he does with his other plays. If you recall, Good Deeds came out on the same day as Aunt Bams Place and all the attention went towards that.

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