David E. Talbert’s “A Fool and His Money” On DVD Tuesday & BET June 10th

In David E. Talbert‘s “A Fool and His Money” you’ll laugh till it hurts, in this heartwarming tale of a down-on-their-luck family that wins a radio contest for a million dollars. Now it seems everybody wants a piece of their new found fortune, including a long lost uncle played masterfully by comedian Eddie Griffin. You’ll be rich with love and laughter in this must-see musical for the entire family!

The All-Star Cast Also Includes: Michael Beach, Cindy Herron-Braggs (En Vogue), Chyna Layne, Mishon Ratliff, Ann Nesby and Willie Taylor (Day 26).

The DVD will be in stores this Tuesday June 5th and will air on BET Sunday June 10th!

  1. i rush home from work every saturday night just to catch your plays on bet. i love a fool and his money. i laughed, cried, and rewound my tivo to watch it again. keep up the good work. much love.

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